Valencia try a last minute maneuver to prevent the departure of Carlos Soler to PSG

Very happy to welcome Edinson Cavani, Valencia did not even have time to officially present El Matador to the press that the Spanish club should manage another urgent dossier: Carlos Soler. As reported by the Spanish press this morning, the Red and Blue would like to quickly wrap up the arrival of the 25-year-old midfielder.

Tied to Club Ché until 2023, Soler is currently available at a reduced price with the announced deal price between €15 million and €17 million. later in the day, a report He gave more weight to this path by saying that the player would have already agreed with the champions of France. However, the media have specified that Valencia will try to extend the term of their player at the last minute… while Parisian For its part, announces the existence of a preliminary agreement with Paris.

Valencia does not give up

But what seemed to be a ploy to get a bigger check was actually a desperate attempt to stop Soler from packing up! as such He already reveals that coaching Gennaro Gattuso has offered a five-year extension to his player. Valencia refused to be rejected last year by the midfielder, and they hope to convince him this time, especially since this new contract will make Soler the best-paid player in the team with a total of 6 million euros per season.

Is it enough to block the departure of France off course? Super Deporte He confirms VCF’s last-minute bid and adds that Soler is very fond of the Parisian show. However, the local outlet made it clear that Soler wants to study his club’s proposal first before making a final decision. And in all likelihood, everything should be decided on Tuesday.

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