Real Madrid: things are turning sour for Hazard


Eden Hazard had hoped to be able to revive this start to the season. The player does not have the expected time to play and his departure from Real Madrid will be considered next winter.

Eden Hazard, Real Madrid vs Cadiz match

According to the information he obtained BrandReal Madrid no longer expects anything from Eden Hazard. The former Chelsea player had one last chance this summer. His leaders would be grateful to him for his efforts, but now they believed that he would not be able to regain his level. The Belgium international (120 caps, 33 goals) will now be behind Asensio in the hierarchy. This can be seen by his playing time: Carlo Ancelotti has only given him 39 minutes of play since La Liga resumed.

Real Madrid bet 160 million euros for his transfer

Eden Hazard was recruited for an amount of 160 million euros (the Real Madrid club initially announced 100 million euros), in 2019. Zinedine Zidane saw in him the future master who will play for Real Madrid. But the player suffers from physical glitches and has never managed to play regularly under the white jacket: La Louviere totaled only 68 matches (for 6 goals and 10 assists), in three years. Not enough to justify the amount of expense. Eden Hazard has not always been considered in great shape, as his lifestyle has caused a lot of talk in the Spanish capital.

TdF He realizes that Real Madrid does not despair of finding a way out for him after the World Cup, as Atletico Madrid did with Antoine Griezmann. The leaders believe that he can shine during the competition to be held in Qatar. The Belgian coach, Roberto Martinez, is still putting his faith in the attacking midfielder, who should hold his place in the eleven, in the coming months.

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