Monza CEO Galliani Reveals Dybala Turned Down Offer

On the eve of the match against Roma, he spoke to Monza manager Adriano Galliani Corriere della Sera On a plethora of topics, including the historic promotion from the Second Division they achieved last season, their intentions to stay afloat, and even their efforts to transfer to Paulo Dybala, who ultimately chose Gelorossi.

Speaking of Monza’s arrival to the upper class, Galliani couldn’t help but exaggerate her importance.

It is our greatest achievement, and I repeat that often to President (Silvio Berlusconi). We took a club that was in the First Division five years ago and made it into the Premier League. Among the 20 teams in the Italian league, we are the only team that participated for the first time.”

Galliani then stressed how important it was for Lombardy to avoid relegation.

“It took us 110 years to get to the first division, we return to the second division in just 12 months.”

When asked if the club had given up on Mauro Icardi’s dream, the former Milan president shed light on their bid to sign Dybala.

“The great hero we looked at but turned down our offer, and which Berlusconi alluded to recently, was Dybala. I had invited him clients to my house, but he preferred the club that plays for cups.”

Finally, he was asked if his view of football had changed with the move from Milan to Monza.

“No, it has remained the same, it is football that has changed. Television rights have upended the hierarchies: in Italy they are sold for 1.2 billion, in England for 4. In particular, we sell rights for 200 million abroad, the Prime Minister for $2 billion. Not to mention others are building new stadiums and we are left behind. I’ll give you an example: If all goes well, Monza’s sales will be €50 million. The newly promoted English team earns £250 million.”

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