Sassuolo vs Milan Player Ratings: Berardi Injured in Draw

Milan were in disrepair on Tuesday, and made their way to a goalless draw with Sassuolo. Niroverdi Italy international star Domenico Berardi suffered an apparent hamstring injury in the case, which casts doubt on Sassuolo’s poor start to the season. Good performances were few and far between, with the two sides converging on just five shots on target.


Andrea’s Advice – 6

Milan did not challenge Consigli at all, as the goalkeeper needed one save and one claim.

Jeremy Tolgan – 5.5

Like many other defenders in Serie A, Toljan struggled against Leao in the channel. Sometimes the flank’s acceleration was too much for the Germans, who also failed to add much to the attack.

Martin Ehrlich – 7

In his third start for Sassuolo, Ehrlic showed great chemistry with Gian Marco Ferrari while playing in the hosts’ compact defensive setup.

Gian Marco Ferrari – 8

Captain Sassuolo had a great night, using his physical abilities to his advantage against Olivier Giroud and Brahim Diaz. Sassuolo’s defensive line gave Milan few real offensive opportunities, and Ferrari played a big role.

Rogerio – 7.5

The 24-year-old had a day on the left wing, defending well and joining in attack at times. Milan could not create many offensive opportunities on the right and was greatly influenced by the defender.

David Frattisi – 5

From his reserved position in midfield, Frattisi didn’t do much for his team. He played deep and helped bolster the defensive line, but only managed 18 touches during his time on the field.

Maxime Lopez – 7

The Frenchman was often in the possession of Sassuolo and was an important reason for his possession Niroverdi They were able to save a point.

Christian Thorstedt – 5

With a pass completion rate of only 60%, Thorstvedt struggled to impact the match. He left the match in the 69th minute after Mansi’s performance.

Domenico Berardi – 6.5

Other than his poor penalty attempt, Berardi was in his usual dangerous form. From the right wing, he created most of Sassuolo’s real chances, but was taken off with a hamstring injury early in the second half.

Giorgos Kyriakopoulos – 7

Despite playing outside his usual position, the Greek midfielder played a solid game. He made the penalty kick in the first half with some tough work, and it was one of Sassuolo’s only offensive threats.

Andrea Pinamonti – 5

The player on loan from Inter was clearly far from deep in front of Tomori and Kiar. He looked decent when he was able to reach the ball in wide areas of the field, but his playing in the middle was subpar, as he never had a shot on target.


Gregoire Defrel – 5

While in charge of Berardi on the right wing, D’avril appeared to be a loser at times and not at his best.

Mateusz Henrique – N/A

Abdo Harwi – N / A

Augustin Alvarez – N/A

Ricardo Marchesa – N / A


Mike Minnian – 7.5

The best goalkeeper in the Italian Serie A saved with a wonderful penalty kick from Berardi. The Sassuolo man didn’t do his best, but Minan’s quick reactions eventually saved a point for the visitors.

Alessio Florenzi – 5

Florenzi and the Saelemaekers were less inspiring on the right wing. In the first half, the winger made a number of bad turns and merged with the Belgian to commit a foul in the penalty area.

Simon Keir – 7

Finally, after returning from his long absence, Kyar quickly found his footing. He looked confident in possession and defended admirably against Pinamonte.

Fikayo Tomori – 6.5

At times, Tomori was shaky on the defensive line, took some uncertain touches and didn’t distribute the ball well. However, he and Kiar played well together and significantly restricted Sassuolo’s attack.

Theo Hernandez – 6

Hernandez played a fairly advanced role, but was not able to do it on the offensive side of the ball. However, he defended well, making a decisive interception to stop the counterattack late in the game.

Ismael Bennacer – 6.5

While he made some clumsy mistakes, Bennacer was Milan’s best midfielder, playing a deeper and easy-to-play from behind.

Tommaso Pobega – 5.5

On his debut with Milan, Boubiga had a match for ups and downs. He was impressive at the start of the first half, playing in the offensive third, but his presence was not at all consistent.

Ibrahim Diaz – 5

Ibrahim was another Milan player who had a less than fantastic match. The Spaniard was very weak in the opponent’s half, his passes and recent shots leaving much to be desired. He would need to improve significantly to win playing time over Charles de Kettleri, who replaced him in the 57th minute.

Rafael Liao – 5.5

Liao made use of his speed and skill to create many chances, but the finishing touches weren’t at their best.

Alexis Selimmakers – 5.5

After a poor first half, the Saelemaekers started to play more centrally in the second 45 minutes. The tactical shift allowed him to play between the lines and use his speed to counterattack, and the Belgian became much more effective. However, Stefano Pioli removed the winger just ten minutes into the second half, leaving the performance disappointing.

Oliver Giroud – 4.5

With Ante Rebek and Divock Origi eliminated due to injuries, the 35-year-old has had to start for the second time in four days. The striker’s lack of fitness was evident, as he struggled to add anything to his Rossoneri a crime.


Charles de Kettlery – 5

The Belgian clearly needs to adapt to his fitness in Serie A, as he has fallen several times very easily.

Sandro Tonali – 5

In 30 minutes, Tonali managed only ten touches and did nothing.

Little Christ – 4.5

Like the other two early exchanges, Messias did little to alter Milan’s fortunes after his coming.

Yacine Adli – N/A

Pierre Kalolo – N / A

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