Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer to Napoli Bound to Collapse

It is unlikely that Cristiano Ronaldo will join Napoli, despite Jorge Mendes trying to do so to allow him to continue playing in the Champions League. However, Italian outlets differed on why the deal was not completed while still keeping a sliver of hope for a late turn.

according to RepublicThe Portuguese simply does not like the destination and is not keen on returning to Italy. It’s unbelievable Azure Can go far in the first continental competition, Corriere dello Sport informs. His agent will try to convince him, as he is the only viable alternative to staying at Manchester United.

according to opinionCiro Venerato Transfer Market (via Tuttomercatoweb), Ronaldo will not move to Napoli because the Red Devils do not want to pay the vast majority of his salary to offload him. He is obliged to stay in England, as those were the conditions for his return to Sporting Lisbon, Gazzetta dello sport informs.

While that, Toto Sport He says there is still a small chance of seeing the ace move to Napoli on loan. Victor Osimhen will not be part of the deal. The power of the Premier League did not deliver the 100 million euros offer that Mendes promised AzureAnd the Sky Italia reports. This became a long shot after Anthony added an equivalent amount.

Our position on Cristiano Ronaldo not moving to Napoli

Shocking. There might still be some common sense in football if one of the most unlikely deals in recent years had not occurred. The fact that he and his agent are waiting for the last days to prepare huge transfers that shake the teams so hard is very selfish.

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