The mother of the Pogba siblings attacked by Jean-Marc Ettori

As the Pogba clan case continues to grow, it is now the turn of Tours FC president Jean-Marc Ettore, to speak. for Le Figaro, the man says that in 2018 he would have fallen “a victim” of Pogba, and more precisely Yeo Moreba, the mother. After first suffering Jean-Marc Ettore’s refusal to feature Mathias Pogba at TFC, the latter was back on charge.

“We were told to take Matthias and Paul would pay his salary and fees. Plus he’s offering you to come and play a (friendly) match on tours, and he’ll come twice to watch his brother play on tours” He said, adding then that the money was never touched by the club, leaving a hole in the coffers of 80,000 euros. So it’s no surprise that the 71-year-old says he learned of the case, even labeling Yu Moriba as “the leader of the gang,” the ultimate decision-maker.

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