Bayer Leverkusen and Inter Fail to Agree on Gosens Deal

Bayer Leverkusen’s bid to sign Robin Goossens from Inter appears to be short-lived. The two parties did not reach an agreement. Their manager Simon Rolfes has stated that they are no longer interested in talking to him Kowloon City Gazette.

“It’s not a topic of conversation for us, and we don’t intend to have it.”

according to Alfredo Pedolladifferently from previous reports, aspirin dies Suggest a loan with an option and not an obligation to purchase. The Nerazzurri He wanted a more specific formula. The player also did not conclude a deal on personal terms.

according to Sky ItaliaBayer Leverkusen inquired with Inter about Goossens but did not make an official offer. The talks have stalled and are unlikely to be repeated. The beloved He wanted replacement insurance before he signed off on leaving. They told the peer that they weren’t keen on Mitchell Packer. Alternatively, Borna Sousa from Stuttgart would have been an option.

German international joined Nerazzurri From bergamot Last January, in a move of 15 million euros plus an additional 10 million euros. However, he struggled to find a foothold as he was coming off injuries to his thighs running straight. He was brought in to be the heir apparent to Ivan Perisic. He’s had a slow start to the season even though the Croats are no longer in town.

We saw in Inter, Joses and Bayer Leverkusen

It could have come out of nowhere, but it would have been understandable if the show had been so strong. It was far from as cool as it had been before in Milan. Cutting the bait made sense with an alternative on hand, especially if it opened up space to add cannons as well.

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