Malinovskyi, Harit, Dieng… The latest surprises from the OM transfer window


OM set themselves the goal of selling players, possibly to recruiting a player. However, the departures of Jordan Amafi and Doug Caleta Carr and Pampa Ding are still far from over. The profile of Ruslan Malinovsky (Atalanta) would have taken the lead in the pavilion and the name of Amin Harit (Schalke 04) was back on the carpet.

Ruslan Malinovsky, Atalanta Bergamo

Pablo Longoria still has some ambitions around this transfer window. A president aims to recruit a player on the condition of separation from two elements, reveals Foot Marseille. Thus, Marseille would prefer to sell Jordan Amafi and Doug Caleta Carr and Pampa Deng. But if the Croatian wants to leave now (according to journalist Fabrice Lamberti), the other two are satisfied with their status as a reserve soldier in Marseille training.

Ding would like to stay in the end

Jordan Amafi’s clients have already put an end to discussions with Olympiacos over a loan that appeared imminent. As for the attacker, Provence Indicates that the trend is for him to stay, despite the interests of Strasbourg and Lorient. “But everything can change very quickly by tomorrow.”As the journalist Alexander Jakin says. The Alsatians were considering him to make up for the possible departure of Ludovich Ujork. OM would have set the price of the Senegalese at €15m, a sum that the Hicks cannot seem to match.

On the arrivals side, the profile of Ruslan Malinovsky has been burning for several weeks. But Atalanta’s demands would now have prompted Marseille to abandon him. as the teamThe Italians are expecting €25 million to allow the Ukraine international to go. A sum so large that Amin Harit’s name was mentioned again this afternoon. The sports daily reported that contact was renewed in the last hours between OM and Schalke 04 regarding the Moroccan.

The transfer period ends Thursday evening. Like many of its competitors, OM still has many doubts about its future workforce. Many things could happen in the next few hours.

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