Belotti Talks Injuries, Roma Ambitions and Dybala Reunion

Andrea Belotti spoke at his first press conference (via Gelurosa’s voice) as a player in Rome after making his club debut in the 3-0 win over Serie A newcomers Monza at the Stadio Olimpico. rooster He answered a host of questions, including his goal-scoring dip last year, the transfer saga that spanned the summer, and Roma’s chances of finishing the league.

When asked why he scored less than usual last year, the former Torino scorer attributed his poor streak mainly to recurring physical problems.

“Last season was turbulent. I had some accidental injuries not muscle. Only one was like that, the other one was accidental. When you get to the right state and then you get hurt, it’s hard to get back. It’s happened to me a few times. I’ve struggled to get back into shape. and, in fact, played less than previous campaigns.”

Belotti highlighted his ambitions with Roma despite the presence of Tammy Abraham, Jose Mourinho’s first striker.

“It was a special summer. My priority was to come here because this is an important project. It’s an ambitious club. I wasn’t looking for a contract that would protect me, but for the right position. This was the best opportunity for me. I didn’t think about it much, Roma has always been my priority.” I know Ibrahim is here, and he’s very strong, but for me that’s a motivator to do better. It’s natural on the upsides.”

Also answered if Gelorossi You can finish in the top three.

“It’s a strange tournament because we’re going to stop the World Cup. I think this is an opportunity for players who don’t go to Qatar to be ready to restart. A great team is a strong point, because everyone is needed. Roma’s goal is to win game by game, focusing on every game. We can. Success in every game, and that’s our mentality. Then we’ll see where we come from. We should never set limits for ourselves.”

The striker reunites with his former Palermo team-mate Paulo Dybala after a long run, after their respective spells at two of Turin’s biggest clubs – Turin and Juventus.

“I met Paolo, he was good. The first words were about the path we both took. We left Palermo together to go to Turin, but in two different teams, and we found each other again. We were children in Palermo, we are more mature now.”

Finally, Belotti spoke of Roma fans welcoming him to the Stadio Olimpico ahead of their final match.

“It was magical. It was great experiencing everything that happened, my teammates came to warm up and I could hear the fans looking for me. I felt their sympathy on my skin. I went in, looked up and saw all these people. It’s one thing to hear about, to live it for yourself is another thing. The hymn, the atmosphere, it was all great. It was like a dream come true, it’s a pity not to score but it was still beautiful.”

Belotti is on his way to make his first full game for Roma this weekend when Gelorossi Fly to the Dacia Arena to face Udinese.

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