how Jordi Alba weighed down Xavi and the end of the 24hfootnews blaugrana


The eleventh world has begun Blues World Cup 2022 schedule

This could have been one of the heavy lifting moves for this final stretch of the 24 Hours race. Jordi Alba, the great history of Barcelona, ​​announced the departure of the Inter Milan side. The Catalan club, however, appears to have reached an agreement with Inter Milan before the player finally refused to leave. This had immediate consequences.

As explained by AS, they are two in number. The first is the management of the upcoming workforce. Between young Baldé who is showing more and more promise and Marcos Alonso who is supposed to arrive in the coming hours, there are three players in the same position in Barcelona. Complicating the choices, Xavi will have to deal with hard-to-manage competition.

Barcelona must have forgotten Meunier

The other outcome is the final management of 24hfootnews. The departure of Jordi Alba, backed by 60% salaries from Inter Milan, would have allowed a total savings of €9 million for the season. Which would have been enough to deal with the last priority in the summer: Belgian team Thomas Meunier. Jordi Alba remained at Barcelona, ​​so Barcelona had to relaunch his plan B with Bellerin relegated shortly before the final…

to shorten

Jordi Alba, the historical side of Barcelona, ​​refused to leave the club to deal with Inter Milan. Rejection has dire consequences. Whether it’s workforce management or end of summer 24hfootnews with the right track.

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