Ancelotti is satisfied with the transfer window and praises Tchouaméni!

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While Real Madrid will face Betis Sevilla tomorrow afternoon, Carlo Ancelotti was at a press conference on the eve of this match. A chance for him to return to the transfer window but also to pay tribute to Aurelien Chomini.

In the transfer window

“We never thought about signing more players. In terms of departures, we evaluated Casemiro and Asensio, but I’m happy that those who stayed have always thrived and will continue to be this year. There are a lot of players with a one-year contract, but that’s not a problem.”

About Chomini

“Because of his characteristics, he is the most suitable player for the position (Casimiro), but Camavinga also played there and Kroos is very reliable. It depends on how you want to play, if you want more control, Kroos makes very clean passes, and if we need to More energy Tchouaméni and Camavinga can do better. Aurélien is a great midfielder, very focused on his work. He was an extraordinary signing for the club. The midfielder is very strong because we have it all: strength, energy, quality and positioning. We are very good there, The problem is choosing only three at the beginning but with changes we can change the dynamic at any time.”

About Hazard

“He is unaffected, he is fine. Three matches is not enough for assessment. I am sure he will play a big role this season.”

About the economic strength of the Premier League

“I don’t know when it will stop. The goal of all the leagues, not just La Liga, is to get closer to them by improving the quality of the game, the atmosphere in the new stadiums, without the Premier League having gone so far with the sale of TV rights, I beat the other leagues There is a good atmosphere, no violence, the atmosphere is very good, with complete and practical pitches. An advantage and the goal of others should be to improve these aspects above all else.”

About the candidate position in the Spanish League

“Every season has its dynamics, and I think the league will be more competitive. The Champions League doesn’t have any favorites yet, it depends on what happens in March or April. We have less doubt that last year at this point we had a very good team across the board. We will compete and fight.”

In his first home game of the season

“Good feelings. We had good moments last year and hopefully it will be what it is this season. It’s a complicated game against a very dangerous opponent. Let’s see if it works for us. Our idea does not change, we want to keep the same identity. At home, We want to be more aggressive and aggressive, but that doesn’t change who we are. Betis is in a good dynamic and confident, but we’re also good. The season starts now because we start playing every three days, but the team is ready.”

About Asensio

“He is happy to be here. We know him and he knows the team. He was important last season and he will be again this season.”

For players whose contract expires within a year

“The future of this club belongs to these players. We know very well what can happen with them. The same with Nacho. If they want to, they are players who can stay until the end of their careers. I don’t think it will affect them. Now there are a lot of players coming out of their contracts because Clubs are currently more focused on the club’s economy and don’t want to risk investing in the future. For veterans, the future is very clear.”

On the rest of the haters

“Everyone has their own opinion. Always play in a team that is not as competitive as Real Madrid in all competitions, or play less but still important. The important thing is not how many games you play, but what games you play and what you do when you play.. Players who play less end up playing a decisive role.”

About Ceballos

“Danny knows his role here very well. He knows we will see him often. He has quality. I think he feels emotional because he is a player we appreciate and he completes a very good midfield thanks to his characteristics.”

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