Sassuolo CEO Carnevali Describes Frattesi Talks with Roma

Sassuolo boss Giovanni Carnevale has assessed Roma’s failure to bring back midfield prodigy David Frattisi this summer. The Gelorossi The youth producer was often associated with a return to his childhood club, but negotiations did not materialize between the two parties.

In an interview with Corriere dello Sport On deadline day, Carnevale commented on the move that had not been implemented.

We talked about it with Thiago Pinto At the beginning of the transfer market. But I don’t know how much the Giallorossi was really interested in buying it.”

Adding further, he admitted that Frattisi himself was eager to move to Rome.

“There was a desire on the part of the footballer. We gave our assessment, also taking into account the fact that the counterparty has a 30 per cent sale clause on it. It has an important price for us.”

Both parties were eventually extended due to a financial dispute, with the club president stating that Roma’s interest may have been exaggerated.

“We couldn’t get a deal done, but maybe Roma didn’t have all that momentum in closing the deal. And we’re happy, because we didn’t want to sell him in the end.”

The 22-year-old moved to Sassuolo in 2017/18, before sending him to Ascoli, Empoli and Monza on successive loan spells. He rose dramatically last season in 2021/22, appearing 38 times with Niroverdi He scored 4 goals in the process.

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