Juventus Icon Del Piero Backs Milan to Pip Inter in Derby

Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero thinks Milan have what it takes to upset Inter at first Madonnina derby new season. The Rossoneri sitting one point behind their top opponents entering the match, but Pinturicio He thinks the match is a great way for them to fight back to try for the second in a row Scudetto.

Talking to Sky Football Club (Across Milan News), the famous Italian striker has shed light on Milan’s rise since the start of last season.

“Honestly, at the start of last season, no one expected Milan to win the title. They took it, she was great and she did something extraordinary. Their reaction from an emotional point of view and on the pitch made that possible. Dealing with success is a chapter — it’s something that you embrace. And you live in it in a different way.”

For further discussion, Del Piero supported Milan to bounce back after deadlock against Sassuolo in Emilia Romagna.

“This blow puts them in a situation where they have to come back up again, and I think they will be successful in the next match. Falling every once in a while is fine too, but it depends on how you wake up.”

Inter have won seven of their previous eight Serie A matches, but will face a tough Milan side that kept more clean sheets (14) in 2022 than any other team in the top five European leagues.

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