Barça: Xavi lifts the veil on the summer transfer window


Xavi, the FC Barcelona coach, has agreed to the media to discuss the Catalan club’s summer transfer period, which has been marked by several arrivals and some key departures.

Xavi, Barcelona, ​​Barcelona

‘The club did a great job’

The day of reckoning has come. In the face of the media on Friday, Barcelona coach Xavi expressed his feelings about the Catalan club’s summer transfer window. “We put in a great effort and we are very satisfied. You have to show it on the pitch, but with this team we will try to compete for everything. The club has made a great effort to get the best team possible.” Pending confirmation of Marcos Alonso’s arrival, Barcelona have recruited Hector Bellerin (free), Andreas Christensen (free), Frank Kessie (free), Robert Lewandowski (€45m), Jules Conde (€50m) and Ravenha (€58m).

Marcus will help us a lot.

On Marcos Alonso, who was fired by Chelsea, and Hector Bellerin, who was relegated away from Arsenal, the Spaniard said: “What I wanted was a pure side. Bellerin will help us a lot. He’s a great locker room guy. Marcus too. He came from Chelsea and he’ll help us a lot. He can play in different positions. We needed to strengthen those positions and we did that.” And warns of their presence in the workforce. “The same thing happened with Koundé. We are optimistic and expect this matter to be resolved today. We are happy with Marcus and Bellerin. We hope it is official and on record.”

Regarding the departure, if Gabonese striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is transferred to Chelsea, Memphis Depay will continue his career at Camp Nou. I spoke to him three weeks ago. He is a very grateful boy. He has a lot of experience despite his age. He trains well and is a winner. The minutes he will get depends on him. Everyone starts from scratch and those who do the best will play‘, says about the Dutch striker. Just like the Spanish side Jordi Alba, Inter Milan’s target who “Part of the team and he will help us.”

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