🚨 Real Madrid – Bétis: clumsy Benzema, Vinicius and Rodrygo take over for the Madrid victory!


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Like the start of the season where the people of Madrid always have to fight hard for string victories, Merengues didn’t win by a large margin on Saturday at the Bernabeu against Bétis Sevilla. However, Vinicius thought he had quickly put his side on the right track in the ninth minute of play, but despite an injured thought, Canales took full advantage of his quick touch to set Courtois not above reproach (17).

After the first period in which Choeney and Benzema were unsuccessful, KB9 in particular missed a huge opportunity at the start of the second half to let his team pass up front. A big mistake, however, did not prevent Real Madrid from regaining control of the match later thanks to Rodrygo, who was sent by Valverde (65th place) with a decisive pass. If Betis had a few chances through Alex Moreno or Juanmi, Real Madrid won an excellent Chuamini with Rodrygo touching wood even 20 minutes from the end (70).

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Real Madrid did not have an easy home match against Betis Sevilla, but eventually won by a narrow margin (2-1). The Brazilians Vinicius and Rodrygo Real, while Karim Benzema remained silent.

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