Fiorentina vs Juventus Player Ratings: Perin Salvages a Point

When Fiorentina host Juventus in Artemio Franchi, beauty always prevails. Things were no different on Saturday, although the confrontation between the two hated foes started off brightly. Arkadiusz Milik broke the deadlock for the visitors on his debut, but Christian Kwame found the equalizer from a fast counter-attack. Luka Jovic could have put the hosts ahead just before the break, but Mattia Perin plotted with the post to deny him. Despite her control of the play, Viola was unable to find a winner. Now let’s take a look at the player ratings in the intense relationship between Fiorentina and Juventus.

Fiorentina (4-3-3)

Pietro Terracciano – 6

The Italian goalkeeper was just a spectator for the majority of the match. Milik hit him on the ball before the opening. He made an embarrassing interception from a corner kick, but fortunately for Fiorentina, it led to a counterattack that led to the equaliser.

Dodo – 6

Not a bad outing from the former Shakhtar right-back who has frequently rushed to the wing to support his teammates. However, it rarely provided a touch of quality that was sorely overlooked.

Nikola Milinkovic – 6.5

The Serbian defender couldn’t stop the ball from hitting Milik in the Juventus goal, but he enjoyed an otherwise solid outing. I had to leave the field early in the second half, apparently due to physical discomfort.

Igor July – 7

A strong showing from a Brazilian central defense that continues to grow from strength to strength. It made life difficult for Melek, and Cuadrado was fired in singles situations on several occasions.

Cristiano Biraghi – 6.5

A vibrant display from the Fiorentina captain who spent most of his match inside Juventus’ areas. He sent a wave of crosses towards the chest, cleverly connecting them with Sottil.

Youssef Maleh – 5.5

The Moroccan midfielder had some chances to score, but he couldn’t finish the job properly.

Sofiane Amrabat – 6.5

Although the former Verona player lacks great technical touch, he manages to dominate midfield while recovering the ball on countless occasions. He could have snatched a late winner with a good shot but Perrin denied it.

Antonin Braque – 6

The Czech international is still adjusting to life in Florence. He didn’t add much during the first half, but his performance grew as the match progressed. In the second half, he made some smart hacks, and he could have found the winner had it not been for Danilo’s block.

Christian Kwame – 7.5

Fantastic performance from the former Genoa striker who put Sandro in all sorts of problems at the start of the match. His best moment came in the second half when he put himself at the end of a stunning counter-attack and did nothing wrong when he faced Perin.

Luka Jovic – 5.5

The former Real Madrid player could only pose a major threat to Juventus defenders, except on one occasion that resulted in Bremer being booked. can put a file viola In the lead, but ended up missing the penalty.

Ricardo Sutil – 7

The winger’s talent was beaten by the likes of Cuadrado and Danilo throughout the match. He put his pile on goal with a superb pass, while proving to be a threat to the opponent on the left flank.

Fiorentina alternatives

Lucas Martinez IV – 6.5

The Argentine replaced Milinkovic early in the second half making sure his side didn’t drop a win in defence. Conduct a timely set of interceptions to kill any potential counterattacks from visitors.

Rolando Mandragora – 6

The former Juventus midfielder didn’t add much, but he boosted viola Dominate possession of the ball.

Jonathan Eacon – 5.5

The Frenchman clearly has magic in his legs, but he was lavish on the end product.

Simon Zurkovsky – N/A

Arthur Cabral – N / A

Juventus (4-3-3)

Mattia Perin – 7

The Italian goalkeeper received his first goal of the season when he was beaten by his pile, but he was once again the main hero of Juventus as he put his fingers in the ball to deny Jovic a penalty kick, before brilliantly saving Amrabat. late in the game.

John Square – 6

The Colombian started the match positively as he started the match Bianconeri A goal with a great cross towards Kostic. But his performance declined after that, as he struggled to make an impact or dodge his opponent.

Gleeson Bremer – 6.5

A strong outing from the former Torino defender only marred the warning in the first half.

Danilo – 7

Similar to his defensive partner, the Brazilian was given a yellow card, but that didn’t stop him from putting in a solid display at the back. He made a set of critical objections, including banning Barak.

Alex Sandro – 5.5

The former Porto player started the game with the wrong foot, but eventually managed to improve, and made some decent contributions in defence.

Weston McKinney – 5.5

The American ran as hard as ever, but left us all at a loss when he decided to pass for his teammate when he found himself unmarked in front of Terracciano. This ill-advised decision could have secured all three points for the visitors.

Leandro Paredes – 6

The Argentine made his debut for Juventus during one of the club’s most unpleasant matches. However, he has proven his prowess in his easy passing technique. But he could have cost his team the match by giving a penalty for handball.

Manuel Locatelli – 5

He tracked down Euro 2020 winner Barak and downplayed his danger, but gave very little of the ball.

Angel Di Maria – 6

The former Paris Saint-Germain man is clearly not at his physical peak. Nevertheless, he put McKinney in the net with great play.

Akadiusz Belongs – 6.5

The Grand Pole demonstrated his remarkable reliability by directing the ball towards the goal with his body. However, he was left isolated between the Fiorentina defenders and Amrabat for the rest of the afternoon.

Philip Kostek – 5.5

The Serbian winger has not yet found his achievement in Turin. His attempt at his shot eventually helped Milik, but he failed to make himself notice otherwise.

Juventus alternatives

Mattia Di Siglio – 6

The full-back added almost nothing in the attacking phase as Juve were sitting deep in their territory. But he helped his teammates contain the danger of Fiorentina’s wings.

Moise Kean – 5.5

The striker was introduced on the left flank. He was tracked down to support his teammates, but could not help his team launch attacks.

Fabio Meretti – 5

Rarely has a teenager seen the ball. The midfield battle was already a lost cause for Juventus upon his introduction.

Leonardo Bonucci – N / A

Niccol Fagioli – N / A

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