OM: Torino have made a decision for Radonjic


The Turin administration has already set itself on the future of Serbian attacking midfielder Nemanja Radungic, who is loaned from Olympique de Marseille in the off-season. The Piedmont club will retain the 26-year-old, whose future is no longer at Canebière.

Nemanja Radungić, Turin

Under contract until 2023

On July 7, Olympique de Marseille formalized the departure of Nemanja Radungić. He was not kept in his group by Croatian coach Igor Theodor, and the Serbian winger joined the Italian side Torino for recovery. The two clubs then agreed on a loan for one season, until June 2023, with a commitment to purchase an amount of €2 million linked to certain conditions. It’s been a few weeks since arriving on the other side of the Alps, and the Piedmont-based team has made a decision about the former Red Star member’s short-term future in Belgrade, under contract until June 2023.

2 goals in 5 matches

Torino confirmed, through the voice of his coach, David Fagnati, in statements carried by journalist Fabrizio Romano, that the 26-year-old will remain in the city of Piedmont. “We will buy Radonjic from OM, he will be our player on a permanent contract – he has cut his salary to join us.” While the summer transfer window has just closed, it now appears that Olympique de Marseille will finally part ways with the Nice native, who was recruited in August 2018 for €12m.

The author of a good start to the season with Granata coaching Ivan Juric – 2 goals in 5 matches in all competitions – Nemanja Radungic did not manage to win with Olympique Marseille. He appeared 63 times in the Marseille shirt, with 8 goals, and loaned the Nice citizen last season to the Portuguese from Benfica Lisbon, setting a meager record of 11 games and only one achievement.

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