FC Nantes – PSG: match notes

After Olympique de Marseille beat Auxerre grass (2-0) for the opening match of the sixth day, Paris Saint-Germain wanted to regain its leader position, which would have been possible if they had won at Stade de la Beaugueire, where they faced FC Nantes. In their first official meeting of the season, the club from the capital largely won the Champions Cup in Tel Aviv against the recent winner of the Coupe de France (4-0).

For the second successive success in the tournament, the French champion had to take the three points at Loire Atlantic. Christophe Galtier decided to leave Neymar on the bench, aligning Pablo Sarabia alongside Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe in attack. In Nantes, Antoine Compoire trusted the attacking duo of Yvan Gesand-Mustafa Mohamed before playmaker Ludovic Blass.

Messi Mbappe, the winning duo of the evening

If Mutosami couldn’t surprise Donnarumma at the start of the match (10th), and Danilo (14th) and Marquinhos (15th) were not far from the opening game, Alban Lafont is happy to be on the ball before seeing the Brazilian’s header flirting with the ball. his left position. Finally, it was Mbappe who opened the imprint of PSG, who sent a powerful shot under the opponent’s crossbar (1-0, 18). Nantes was then reduced to 10 after a dangerous interference from Fabio on Vitina, and forced out through injury after Nantes’ major foul.

After a double that was rejected for him (54), Mbappe doubled the bet a few minutes later by receiving a very good low cross from Messi, his second assist in the evening (2-0, 55). After a great opportunity followed by Messi with a step (66), Nuno Mendes finished the scoring with a powerful shot that passed under several opposing legs (3-0, 68 to). A major victory allows PSG to regain the throne of its leader, and Nantes remains in tenth place in the standings.

man of the match

Messi (8): With a stick, Pulga did a lot of damage to the people of Nantes. The seven-time Ballon d’Or certainly made the difference at Nantes by providing Mbappe double passes. He replaced Mbappe perfectly (18) before finding him perfectly at the near post (53rd place). He was also very altruistic (20) and missed the target (66). But he was above all very active in the heart of the game (118 contacts). The Argentine, in his legs, managed to make sharp calls to the back of Nantes (43rd place), who constantly prevented him from going there from his own net (43, 45, 76, 77, 82, 83). Messi confirms his excellent form since the beginning of the season.


  • Lafont (4.5): His first (eighth) intervention kicked off the match for the Canary Islands goalkeeper who, after a few minutes, proved decisive with a shot from Danilo Pereira (13). Despite the goal (18), the former Florentine did not allow himself to be overtaken by events, completely anticipating a serious dip in the middle (19). Once again decisive against Nuno Mendes (65), but lost for the third time to the Portuguese (68).

  • Castellito (3): He lost the ball in PSG’s opening match (18), although a (not blatant) foul could have been whistled in his favour. Repositioned on the right side after the exclusion of Fabio, the owner of the usual position, as the Cameroonian quickly plunged Kylian Mbappe on the goal of the Paris half (53). Replaced by Sebastian Corchia (66th place).

  • Girotto (4): The author of a beautiful intervention at the feet of Lionel Messi (43), he was certainly the most valuable defender of Nantes in the first chapter, as he removed many balls and intercepted many balls (5). In the second period, he, like his team, faced more complications, and developed a difficulty in almost all Parisian compositions.

  • Peeing (5): Eager to win his third place, the rock of Nantes, as usual, was solid in duels, but received a yellow card half an hour into the match (33). And despite his warning, the central defender repeatedly shut the door in the face of the Paris attackers, playing especially with his sense of anticipation. Kylian Mbappe in particular prevented him from providing a triple for himself, by shooting a goal from the Frenchman on his line (62).

  • Fabio (unrated): Dangerous after a good drop (12th), the Brazilian would see his match cut short after receiving a red card with a foot on Vitinha’s knee (25), leaving his teammates numerically inferior.

  • Moutoussamy (4.5): The owner of the first dangerous kick of the match (the ninth), the midfielder did not go far from opening the scoring against Paris Saint-Germain. Precious by race size (5.4 kilometers covered in match 54, third best total during the period), he remarkably tried to bring his presence on the right side of Nantes midfield. Replaced by Lohann Dousset (ranked 80)

  • Sherivella (5.5): He is the Nantes player who touched the most balls in the first half (48) and was very accurate in his passing game, during the same period (40/42, 95%). Imperial in the duels (6/6), the Auriverde midfielder gave a convincing performance, showing great activity, all despite the heavy defeat of his team.

  • Appiah (6): Building on the strength of his offensive activity on the left flank before Fabio was ruled out, Denis Appiah naturally retracted to offer his hand to his knuckle. A successful mission, notably preventing Lionel Messi from taking the break before the break (45) and succeeding in several defensive pullbacks.

  • Plus (3): The main player from Nantes tried his hand at shooting from distance (17), but achieved a first period imbued with a flood of neutrality. Returning with better intentions, he lit the first fuse of the second period (48), and struck the first shot at the target of the meeting place, before exiting, as during the first term. He was replaced by Mohamed Ashi (85th place)..

  • Gesand (4): Nicowa sided with the left flank of the Nantes attack, playing fit and frequent stalls in an effort to improve Nantes’ positions. On an offensive level, the Nantes player would not have the opportunity to express himself, and was not really helped by the face the encounter took after Fabio was sent off. Replaced by Ignatius Ganago (66th place).

  • Muhammad (3): Positioned at the forefront of the Nantes attack, Al Masry first stood out for his quality of pressing the Parisian hinge, before playing with his body to put Samuel Mutosami in perfect shooting conditions. Alone at the front of the attack, the former Galatasaray player touched only 11 small balls in every hour of play. A inevitably frustrating match for the FCN heart attacker. Replaced by Marcus Coco (80).

Paris Saint-Germain

  • Donnarumma (6): A relatively quiet game for the Italy international, who was a little scared when Motosami and then Fabio nurtured the frame (10, 13). The rest of the match at La Beaujoire was relatively calmer for him. Aside from Blass strike (48), he didn’t have much to do.

  • Danilo (6.5): The versatile Portuguese, who lined up for Sergio Ramos in defense at 3, is confident. And it shows, both in his always fair tackles (5/7 in fencing) and in his fists with the ball and the ball up (95% of successful passes). He even left his comfort zone and was the first to put Lafont to work (14th).

  • Marquinhos (6): The author of a disturbing performance in Toulouse, the Paris Saint-Germain captain gave an even more reassuring performance in the Parc de Nantes. So close to the opening scoring (15th), Auriverde was initially a bit short on fencing and in impact, before recovering brilliantly. In particular, he made correct interventions in the danger zone when necessary (3 clearances, 3 interceptions).

  • Kimpembe (6.5): At the time it was announced on his departure this summer, Tite stated that he was very focused on his assignment with PSG. Imperial in the area against Mohammed (40), the French was generally throughout the match at La Beaujoire. He didn’t leave much to his opponents (1 blocked shot, 1 interception, 3 tackles) and held home well.

  • Hakimi (5.5): A little less than usual (one cross attempt), as the game leaned more to the left overall, but the Moroccan team wasn’t worth it. He doubled his efforts both offensively and defensively. The former BvB and Real player is still involved in his team’s third goal after being well served by Sarabia (68).

  • Vitinha (unrated): Lined up again alongside Verratti in the Parisian midfield, Vitina injured his right knee and had to leave Beaujoire park prematurely (34). Replaced by Renato Sanchez (3.5), is the author of an entry not necessarily reassured after the doubts about it first arose in the capital. Precious in small spaces, but lost a few balloons that could have been avoided, eg he wasn’t at the right pace with his partners. His ability to respond to physical challenge also raises questions, while his passion for the ball appears to have evaporated.

  • Verratti (6): Led by this Parisian formation (90 balls, 98% successful passes), Petit Hebeaux made a good copy against Nantes. His repeated interventions certainly allowed him to scratch a few balls, but it also cost him a yellow, for what could be described as a “smart foul attempt” on Guessand on the counter (50th position). Replaced by Ramos (62nd place), probably to avoid the second yellow. The former Real Madrid captain was also warned for a foul on Ganago (69th place).

  • Bernard (5.5): The ex-Bayern player voluntarily moved in his left lane, dribbling some good balls into the area without being caught defensively. Insole warned on Blas (45 + 2). Replaced at break by Nuno Mendes (6), even more mobile than the Spaniard and the author of the third goal of the evening, with the Fox after the participation of Neymar (68). Defensively very clean, he held out against Blass.

  • Messi (8): see above.

  • Mbappe (7): The KM7 still makes the powder talk. 2018 World Champion Lafont left no chance to start hostilities in Beaujoire (18th), before cutting off Messi’s bid entirely at point (53). The French international warned of a mistake by Girotto (57th place), and disturbed the defense of the Canaries with his many calls and good choices (3 key passes). Peeing even denied him a triple-nil when he eliminated Lafont (62nd). He was replaced by Neymar (63th place). The Brazilian found the post, scoring 3-0 from Mendes (68).

  • Sarabia (6.5): Spain international has proven to Christophe Galtier that he can indeed count on him this season. At the origin of the first goal in the evening by going to recover the ball at Castellito’s feet, he also participates on the third day through Hakimi’s transfer. The player loaned to Sporting last year was also of great importance in the defensive stages of his team, whether in his return or in the pressure and counter pressure imposed on the opponent. He was replaced by Ekitike (71st place).

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