Brutal Reality Check for Mourinho and Co

Shocker in the Italian League! Udinese inflicted Jose Mourinho on one of the most brutal defeats of his career Bianconeri Roma disbands 4-0 at the Dacia Arena on Sunday evening.

The Friulians And so I arrived Gelorossi In third place on the league table, thanks to a great poker game signed by Destiny Udogie, Lazar Samardzic, Roberto Pereyra and Sandi Lovric.

For Rome, this seems to be the same old story. The Gelorossi He had started a promising season and was sharing the lead with Atalanta, but once again failed the shooting experience and went through a painful reality test. On a side note, Atalanta led by Gian Piero Gasperini now have a chance to earn the singles lead in the table if they beat Monza tomorrow.

But aside from Roma’s astonishing absence, we have to give credit to Udinese coach Andrea Sutil, whose side played a perfect match led by Tottenham-bound Destiny Odoji and Spain striker Gerard Deulofeu.

It was the future Premier League player who opened the scoring for the host just five minutes later. Udogie showed no mercy in punishing a blunder on the part of Rick Karsdorp, who sent the ball to him with a clumsy takedown attempt.

It looked like one episode like Gelorossi He had a reaction. Paulo Dybala was the most positive among the visitors and challenged Marco Silvestri with a difficult shot, but Odiogi managed to keep it wide. jewel He was his first shot of the match, just 27 seconds into kickoff, but she also went off the net.

This was a short-lived delusion as Udinese quickly regained control of the match and had more chances with Deulofeu, Pereyra and Isaac Success.

Mourinho understood that something needed to change and replaced Karsdorp and Brian Cristante in the first half, sending Mehmet Zeki Celik and Andrea Belotti in their place.

However, Mourinho was betrayed by his compatriot Rui Patricio as the goalkeeper should have performed better than a long-range shot from Samardzic resulted in Udinese doubling their lead.

Rome lost their heads and was punished twice more before Bianconeri on the counter. In the 75th minute, Pereira found the back of the net with a great curl. Subsequently, Lovrich had scored 4-0, taking advantage of Deulofeu’s serve.

The Gelorossi They were angry about a disallowed penalty when the score was still 1-0 (Rodrigo Picao pushed Celek into the danger zone) but on top of that in an absolute setback that didn’t seem to have any logical explanation.

On the other hand, Udinese is now unbeaten in four matches and finds itself third in the table with ten points, ahead of the likes of Inter and Juventus. Who would have guessed that?

Match scorecard

September 4, 2022 – Serie A 2022-2023 round five
Udinese – Roma 4-0

scorers: 5, Odoji, 56, Samardzic, 75, Pereira, 82, Lovrich

Udine (3-5-2): Silvestri: Picao, Jewelery (16 degrees Ipos), Perez; Pereira (84° Ehizibo), Samardzic (61° Makingo), Wallace, Arslan (61° Lovric), Odoji; Success (61 concrete grade), Deulofeu (Padelli, Piana, Festy, Jajalo, Abankvah, Nuytinck, Nestorovski, Semedo) Fitness Trainer: Thin
Rome (3-4-2-1): Rui Patricio Mancini (64° Zalewski), Smalling, Ibanez; Karsdorp (46° Celec), Cristante (46° Pilotti), Matic, Spinazzola; Dybala, Pellegrini (80° Camara); Abraham (76 degrees Shumorodov) (Svilar, Boyer, Shumorodov, Fina, Buff, Keramitsis, Volpato, Trippi) Fitness Trainer: Mourinho
Rule: Mr. Mariska from Naples
Notes: Yellow Cards: Udogie, Makengo, Pereyra (U), Dybala, Pellegrini (R)

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