Spezia Fans Target Napoli with Ugly Chants in Bologna Clash

The Alberto Pico stadium in La Spezia was the scene of unfortunate events in the final round of the 2021/22 season, as Napoli sprinted to a 3-0 win amid scenes of chaos among the fans of both teams. Clashes between the Eagles And the Parthenobi The fans were forced to stop the match for 10/15 minutes before proceedings could resume.

Spezia fans and their fans subjected the visiting team to humiliating and insulting chants throughout the match – first directing their songs to Argentine legend Diego Maradona, before attacking Napoli by singing: Vesuvius, wash them with fire. Then gruesome quarrels broke out, to which both groups were condemned.

For whatever reason, Spezia’s followers continued to sing even without Napoli on the pitch. The the Eagles Bologna welcomed Alberto Pico, and during their momentary lead in the second half, before Marko Arnautovic scored a 2-2 equalizer, sounds erupted from the club. railway curve Referring to the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius again.

according to Everything is NaplesSpezia fans sang the “usual shameful chorus”: Vesuvius erupted, destroyed all of Naples.

Napoli will host the next Spezia at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium next Saturday. One can only hope that such unfortunate and inappropriate behavior by the supporters of the away team will not be repeated.

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