Pique wanted to put 100 million in the club, Laporta failed him

Since the start of the season, Gerard Pique has received a very clear message from Xavi. An experienced defender is not a priority for the Barcelona coach for next season, and his playing time will be greatly affected. This does not prevent Pique from continuing to think about Barcelona’s future in another way…

Because Gerard Pique, in addition to being a football player, is now a well-informed businessman, founder of Cosmos which holds the notable Davis Cup, but also the president of the club along with Andorra. And with this cover, Pique simply tried to invest in Barcelona this summer!

Pique angry at not being able to invest in Barcelona

El club de la mitjanit, broadcast on Radio Catalunya, revealed in the last hours that Pique tried to buy back shares (24.9%) of the Barcelona studios offered for sale by the club, which were finally bought by Orpheus Media. Jaume Roures for €100 million. However, Pique would have faced the categorical rejection of Joan Laporta, the Barcelona president who considered that the player’s financial investment in his club would be an attack on morals. A decision that Pique would not have appreciated at all…

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Gerard Pique, a footballer like a businessman now, wanted to invest financially in Barcelona. However, Laporta opposed it, fearing an ethical violation for a player investing in the club.

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