Kroos praises Pérez and Cristiano Ronaldo and tackles the choice of the World Cup in Qatar

Toni Kroos is accurate when he speaks like his passes on the field. The Real Madrid midfielder spoke on the OMR podcast and was candid on many topics, from personality to Cristiano Ronaldo, the Premier League and the World Cup in Qatar.

When he came to Real Madrid in 2004

“It was the best decision, the best I could do. It was a huge step in the sport and in my own life, I was 24 with a son. You don’t speak the language… you get to the biggest club in the world and you have to work almost immediately. That means : In your own life, you have to organize everything and at the same time be fully present from the beginning… The first day in the field, as if you were there ten years ago. Thank God it worked out well. In short, it was the best thing I could happen to me.”

About his complicity with Peres

“I am very close to him, he is a very kind hearted person. From day one, he gave me the feeling of happiness that he came to his club, which is unusual for the size of an entity like Real Madrid. I have been at Real Madrid for eight years and there has been a closeness since day one. I know that In those eight years he never thought of selling me for a second. At that time I came for “only” €25 million, and surely he could have sold me later for more money.”

On his future at Real Madrid

“I have a great relationship with the club, I love it very much. The president, the team, the fans … so I will not leave either.”

in the Premier League

Obviously, the idea was and still is. It should have worked a long time ago, I think it will take time to wear it. And I probably won’t see him as an active player. My opinion on this is that I still think it will come, but I can’t say when. »

in the Premier League

“The Premier League has not won an international title this year. TV money has been significantly higher in England for years, however that has not allowed the English teams to win everything. Thank God all the players look not only at the salary but also at the profit. Many titles and growing more . »

On Cristiano Ronaldo

“He did not reach the top because his name is Cristiano Ronaldo, but because he spent so much time working. It is an absolute work force and the only way to achieve it.”

On his international retirement

“I remember the first year after I went to the national team and I was always at my best in the Champions League final. It gives me the right to make that decision.”

About the Qatar World Cup

“Of course you can say: the players have to give their opinion. The World Cup mistake was made in Qatar ten years ago.”

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Real Madrid’s German midfielder Toni Kroos has spoken candidly on a podcast, discussing many hot topics. The Madrid midfielder has remarkably returned to his status, Cristiano Ronaldo or the Premier League.

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