Mercato: the top 10 Premier League clubs that have spent the most


The Premier League broke spending records again during the transfer window. Its clubs have spent nearly €2.5 billion, double the amount they spent in the summer of 2021. This is the ranking of the 10 English teams that have invested the most in their recruitment in recent weeks. Chelsea, Manchester United and West Ham on the podium.

Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea

This summer, the Premier League broke its all-time spending record. He indicates that all of its clubs bet about 2.5 billion euros to strengthen themselves Sky Sports. This is just over double the summer of 2021. Sales also increased from €516 million to €963 million.

Chelsea largely dominate the top spending club rankings, having been able to pump in big bucks due to the departure of Roman Abramovich and the arrival of Todd Poelly. The London club has bet more than 320 million euros to improve Thomas Tuchel’s side. He is far ahead of his runner-up, Manchester United, who invested €263m in the transfer window. West Ham appears at 3e Centre, 207 million euros, Nottingham Forest 4ewith 182 million euros.

Ranking of the top ten English clubs

  • Chelsea: 320 million euros
  • Manchester United: 263 million euros
  • West Ham: 207 million euros
  • Nottingham Forest: 182 million euros
  • Tottenham: 165 million euros
  • Manchester City: 149 million euros
  • Newcastle: 142 million euros
  • Arsenal: 141 million euros
  • Wolves: 134 million euros
  • Leeds: 110 million euros
  • Liverpool: 106 million euros.

In terms of revenue, Manchester City is the best seller: the citizens brought 207 million euros into their coffers: their balance was positive (+ 58 million euros) this summer. At the back, Brighton took back 133 million euros in turnover, and Leeds United recovered 121 million euros.

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