Ratcliffe at Manchester United? River is favorable


Jean-Pierre Riviere has given his opinion on the possibility of Jim Ratcliffe taking over Manchester United. The president of Nice has no problem with the idea that the OGCN could go after the Red Devils in the coming seasons.

Jean-Pierre Riviere, President of OGCN Nice

Rumors about a possible Manchester United takeover by Jim Ratcliffe have continued to grow across the channel in recent weeks. The English billionaire was able to unite privately with driver Lewis Hamilton to acquire his favorite club. The Glazer family became very unpopular among the Mancunian supporters, who represented the majority in favor of changing the president. The process could involve an investment of 5 or 6 billion euros. The operation would be of such magnitude that one could imagine that OGC Nice (which Jim Ratcliffe already owns) could be affected. Jean-Pierre Riviere does not worry.

“Second nice team after MU, I don’t have a problem with that”

He was asked about it during the show Jim TonicThe Aiglons chief wanted to be reassured. The captain believes that the Englishman will be able to finance both clubs: “Jim has the means to buy Manchester United, which is his heart club, but Jim, who often lives on the coast, loves OGC Nice. He wants to grow this club that he is associated with. The big difference with other sports is Financial Fair Play. At OGC Nice, we have little Too much revenue, we’re not OM, not Lyon or Paris. We need to grow this club. You can’t put in all the money you want. I don’t know if Jim will buy MU, but if Nice is the second club after MU, I have no problem. in that “He said.

Nice owner has once again validated big investments, this transfer window. Riviera leaders spent €70 million to promote themselves, in exchange for €33 million in revenue (mainly due to the sale of Amin Guerre Rennes). Nice’s transfer balance was already in deficit in 2020-2021 (-30 million euros).

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