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Monaco: the notes of the match

Man of the Match: Caio Henrique (7): If the Monaco match veered too much on his side, Caio Henrique is not for nothing. Very long-legged, he will alternate back and forth on his left flank and will try five passes, three of which he will find a partner. His agreement with Golovine would be fatal to the Aiglons. At the end of the match, his good performance will be rewarded as he put in a great ball in the opening match of Embolo

  • Schmeichel (5): Despite Nice’s low position from the block in the first half, the former Leicester goalkeeper didn’t have much work to do. Concerned about Golovin’s lone attempt at the end of the first act (41), he gifted the opener at the first opportunity on goal from the Rockers (69) and succumbed to a crushing attempt by Caio Henrique (88). ).

  • Todibo (6): Having missed the match against Marseille last week (0-3), Jean-Clair Todibo was so strong in the duels that he had to negotiate. Imperial on his return, the former Barcelona also used his physical abilities to make several interceptions, which were facilitated by a high-quality reading of the game.

  • Dante (5.5): The Brazilian veteran used all his experience to completely shut the door to the opposing attackers. He also weighed offensively, through his vertical game, forcing Noble to tackle well (45th place). Defensively, he made several life-saving passes and critical interventions, justifying once again his role as head of Nice’s defence.

  • Viti (4.5): Coming from Empoli this summer, the young Italian centre-back put in a somewhat correct performance in his third Ligue 1 appearance. Composed for not communicating with his goalkeeper in the opening match of Brielle Empolo (69th place), he nevertheless won by 100%. From his duels (4/4) and touching many balls, due to unsuccessful attempts to build from behind.

  • Atal (unranked): A good incursion from the Algerian international launched the Nice meeting. Well compensated by Gaëtan Laborde, Fennec was dangerous on a hit from the right of the area (12). Unfortunately for him, the right side saw that his encounter was cut short, and he who suffered a new muscle injury. Replaced by Jordan Lutumba (34th) who would have made a fairly conservative entry (3).

  • Ramsay (4): The author of the first period during which we saw him take part in the heart of the game (48 balls touched, 87% successful passes) and successful in many of his duels (6 duels out of 9), the Welshman was finally the victim of the tactical reorganization of his coach Lucien Favre, who released him Finally, shortly after returning from the locker room. Replaced by Alexis Becca (55th place) who have touched too few balls and will not be able to carry their weight offensively (3).

  • Thuram (3.5): He was placed very low on the field due to Monaco’s dominance at the start of the match, and the midfielder was in charge of organizing his team’s match. A mission, according to his coach, hasn’t paid off enough since he was replaced half the time. Replaced by Pablo Rosario (46th place) who was completely transparent after entering play and was only noticed by his yellow card (2).

  • Cool (4.5): Happy not to receive a penalty kick in a duel against Empolo (38), the left side of Nice, like his team, first suffered under the pressure of Monaco, before being able to occupy a more advanced position after that. Accurately in his long passes (3/4 succeeded), Melvin Cool put a lot of energy into doubling his sprints. Replaced by Joe Bryan (77).

  • Baby (5): Alexander Noble forced a good save (29), and the Ivorian showed great things, especially in the duo he formed with Yusuf Atal, until the latter’s exit. With his fast passes and dribbling, Lillo regularly tried to outdo his defensive counterpart. Replaced by Sofiane Diop (77th place).

  • Delort (4): He was placed at the forefront of the Nice attack, and through his stalling game the former Montpellier player stood out the most. Harassing, as usual, the opposing players, he had many duels to negotiate (9), but in the end he had too few offensive balls to negotiate. As proof of this, he didn’t fire the slightest shot of the meeting.

  • Labard (5): Arriving in Nice on the final day of the summer transfer window, the former Reigns spared no effort on the offensive front, constantly seeking to position himself in the few spaces left by the Monaco defence. The debut isn’t necessarily easy for new players who have only touched about thirty balls after more than an hour of playing.

  • Nobel (6.5): A risky exit, but it ultimately prevented Delort from arming his shot. Before a nice stop at close range in front of Atal (12). He made three crucial saves and two important passes, before reacting superbly to recovering from Dante (62nd place). His vigilance had allowed ASM to win on Sunday night.

  • Aguilar (5): In a very closed encounter, the France international didn’t really manage to win and activate the right wing. If he tried to find Aguilar multiple times, he basically ran into the block from Nice and could only make one cross attempt. without success. Defensively, he made two objections. Replaced by Vanderson (65th place)Which we haven’t seen much.

  • Desisi (5.5): If Nice’s attack is well repelled on Sunday evening, then centering the defense, with three Monacos, may, at times, be missing. Without fail, the commander of the ASM was late in recovering Dante, fortunately, he indicated an offside (62). But overall, he did well with winning four defensive encounters.

  • Pediachel (5): Like Disasi, the ASM defender did the job and generally contained Pepe’s and Delort’s attacks in particular. His passes (4) and his presence in air duels allow the Nobel to breathe.

  • Sar (5): The three defenders of Monaco will be homogeneous in Nice. For the first time since arriving in Monaco, Sarr also retained his rank by intercepting three balls and making five dangerous tackles.

  • Cayo Henrique (7): see above.

  • Diata (4): Very conservative during this part, the Senegalese still managed to have fun with Feti in the second half. But his three attempts came to nothing and a goal was disallowed due to an offside position. We can expect a lot from a player of his quality.

  • Fofana (4.5): With the hard work of Thuram and Barkley in return, Fofana will still put pressure on allowing the defenders not to suffer too much from Nice’s attacks. But technically, the midfielder made a lot of technical mistakes (he lost 14 balls and 5 duels).

  • Camera (6): His performance in the Parc des Princes was outstanding in his first term. Since then, the new recruit of Monaco has been gradually taking his marks. He would have run so much to stop Ness from advancing. In duels, he will also be strong (beat 8 balls). On the other hand, we would have liked to see him advance further to aid in an attack from the semi-stopping boulder.

  • Ambolo (6): A goal… he built for himself right from the start of the event. And nothing else. Decisive, the Swiss allow ASM to win on Sunday night. But, in the game, he will be completely absent from the debates and will have only fired one shot in this part. Absolute realism, but he still has to do a better job of securing his place in Clement’s Eleven.

  • Golovin (6.5): While Embolo and Diatta were very cautious in this meeting, the Russian was the most dynamic player in the Monaco attack. His technique and ease of handling the ball helped his team a lot. If he seeks too much for his partners to create danger, his accuracy in front of goal will also worry Schmeichel for a long time. He could even open the scoring, but his shot hit the post (52nd). Replaced by Jacobs (90th).

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