Koulibaly Struggles Attributed to ‘Speed’ of Premier League

Veteran Italian coach Fabio Capello has expressed his opinion on why Kalidou Koulibaly faltered in his early days at Stamford Bridge. The former Napoli goalkeeper has turned to the clubs after a summer saga filled with speculation that linked him to a host of other clubs, including Barcelona and Juventus. He chose Chelsea in the end.

Despite scoring the crucial goal against Tottenham Hotspur in the second round of the new Premier League season, the Senegalese star has found himself facing criticism time and time again – mainly due to his low form since conceding the damned red against Leeds United in the next round. .

Talking to Sky Football Club (Across Tuttomercatoweb), Capello due to early center back problems.

“I would like to talk about Koulibaly’s difficulties at Chelsea. At Napoli, he was doing everything himself. His problems now depend on the speed with which they play in England. It is the same pace that Udinese uses to throw spells at Roma. It is something that should make us Italians. We contemplate.”

Koulibaly has made five appearances in the Chelsea blue shirt so far since his landmark move from North America Parthenoby.

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