Vlasic Goal Puts Granata Ahead of City Rivals

The final match of the fifth round of the Italian Serie A took place at the Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino, where the hosts beat Lecce 1-0 with a single goal from Nikola Vlasic. the Bull He lost his last match against Atalanta and wanted to make up for it at home.

The match was balanced in the first half. Torino entered the field with a forward trio of Nikola Vlasic, Petro Pellegri and Nemanja Randongic. But they were far from the efficiency that their fans and coach Ivan Juric had expected. Only Valentino Lazaro and Prince Ilkhan were responsible for the attack.

Amirhan was in the starting line-up for Torino for the first time as he also earned his first cap in Serie A. The young man performed well and completed several successful long passes.

Lecce’s game plan worked for a while like Salentini He mostly attacked on the left side of the field with Lamek Panda. He used his speed and dribbling skills and gave Kofi Gidji a tough time but struggled when he hit the target with a goal.

The Dutch central defender, Per Schurz, shone in the Turin defense. He arrived in Turin this summer, but he acts and leads the defense as if he has been there for a long time.

Turin’s left-back, Merghem Vojvoda, didn’t appear as offensive as third-placed teammate Valentino Lazaro, but managed to help Nikola Vlasic to score the only game of the night in 40 minutes. Vojvoda made use of his reverse foot and used his vision to provide a great assist.

With the start of the second half, Lecce showed some hunger and sought more chances to score, but they did not succeed. They put some pressure on Grenade In the first 15 minutes, but then Torino managed to reverse.

the Bull They were more organized in attack than in the first half, but they could not add a second goal to their tally.

Both coaches made multiple substitutions in the second half as the best names from both teams were substituted. For Torino, Emerhan and Schurz left the field, while Banda, Asan Sesay and Kristian Bystrovich Lecce were replaced.

The only change was between Pietro Pellegri and Antonio Sanabria between the Turin lines. Pellegri scored a goal in the 72nd minute, but his attempt was canceled due to offside. Besides, no one on the field noticed him.

When Sanabria came on, he made his presence felt by providing an amazing pass to his teammate Vojvoda in the 86th minute. Had he only scored, that would have been a great help.

Torino now has 10 points from five games and is fourth in the table (ahead of city rival Juventus!). Matches like the one they played against Lazio showed that the Bull It’s not going to be an easy piece this season.

On the other hand, Lecce’s campaign had a weak start and only collected two points so far. The way things stand, seems to be the only way to Salentini To maintain their first-tier status, you’ll find at least three teams worse than them…

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