Pogba Risks Missing World Cup After Knee Surgery Call

After resting and rehabilitating for five weeks, Paul Pogba tested his injured knee on the field, but it did not go well, and he underwent surgery to remove the meniscus immediately. He will be absent from 40 to 60 days, which puts his presence in the Qatar World Cup in danger, Gazzetta dello sport reports.

The midfielder was injured during the summer in the United States. He chose not to submit to the knife but rather tried conservative treatment. Although it helped relieve the pain, the joint did not respond well once he resumed training. He had a meniscus tear rather than repaired. The other way would have kicked him out for more time but would probably prevent problems in the future.

Coach Massimiliano commented on Pogba undergoing pressure surgery before facing Paris Saint-Germain (via dazn).

We’re realistic and think we’ll bring it back in January. This is where things are, even if we don’t like them. Took the field for the second time this morning, stopped and chose this solution. Whether he is able to play in the World Cup or not is not my problem. And we think it won’t come back in 2022. You can’t change the past, and there’s no point in thinking about alternative scenarios. We have to focus on games now.”

We finally saw Pogba after knee surgery

This turn of events was looming when the injury first occurred, but the club allowed the player to make the decision himself, which is understandable but not necessarily true. One has to wonder if this could be assessed beforehand, because Juventus probably wouldn’t let Denis Zakaria go if they knew.

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