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Manchester United vs Arsenal FC - Premier League

Antony had a great start to his Manchester United career on Sunday (Image: Getty Images)

Antony’s debut goal for Manchester United against Arsenal was renewed cheering for Old Trafford, which he has revealed as a tiger attitude, although he wasn’t too clear on the meaning.

The Brazil international started his career with the Red Devils in style on Sunday, scoring the opening goal of the game as United beat Arsenal 3-1.

The Ajax signing celebrated passionately in front of his adoring fans, tugging at his own shirt and pointing at the Manchester United crest.

He then did a sort of cat pose, making his fingers look like claws as he faced the crowd.

The 22-year-old says it’s something his friends will understand, leaving a mystery as to why he made the celebration, but he has confirmed he’s done his best tiger impression.

“It’s a friends thing,” he told MUTV. “So if I score a goal, my friends know what it is, it’s a tiger. You know it and so I celebrate.”

Antony was thrown straight into the starting XI by Erik ten Hag, a decision that clearly paid off and an experience that lived up to the winger’s high expectations.

‘Mark [Rashford] Passed the ball perfectly the way it came [to me], that’s all I had to do. I saw the goalkeeper and the ball just came to me perfectly to place it the way I did. I was very lucky to just follow my instincts,” he said.

“Scoring my first goal and sharing that moment with the crowd in a great atmosphere was brilliant.

Manchester United vs Arsenal FC - Premier League

Antony has become an instant fan favorite at Manchester United (Image: Getty Images)

“From the moment I stepped onto the pitch I had goosebumps because I know how badly I wanted to be here and I know how badly the crowd wanted that.

“When I saw the ball go in and the net shake, I expressed all my feelings the way I did. Yes, I definitely got goosebumps there.”

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