Matthaus Wanted Lukaku to Replace Lewandowski at Bayern

Germany’s 1990 World Cup-winning captain and former Inter icon Lothar Matthaus is hoping Italy’s top teams can return to glory in Europe, as the group stage of the UEFA Champions League approaches. He also evaluated the 2022/23 First Division campaign, naming his rivals.

Talking to Gazzetta dello sportThe legendary midfielder shed light on the new Italian Serie A season, and also mentioned his favorite star to lift the world’s premier continental football championship.

“Serie A will be difficult and open to three or four teams in my mind: the Milan duo, Juventus and I hope Roma can return to their past glory, when they fought for the title. At the European level, I hope that Juventus can show a better image than what they presented in The last two seasons – the two matches with Villarreal were disappointing. Then I repeat, I am happy that Milan and Inter dominated the tournament. The only real note is that Italy will not play in the Wolde Cup.”

Matthews did not hesitate to comment on his favorite to lift the Champions League title.

“I say Bayern Munich. I see the mentality, the speed, the technique and the team spirit. If last year they had 14-15 top-ranking players, they have 18-19 now. There is a lot of competition at every position on the pitch. They are serious favourites.”

The German then revealed that he expected the Bavarian giants to sign Inter striker Romelu Lukaku to replace now Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski.

“They lost Lewandowski and my choice to replace the pole was Lukaku. But I didn’t know that Julian Nagelsmann wanted to change their tactical system.”

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