Mourinho Not Considering Scheme Change to Help Defense

Amid the Udinese disaster and injury fears, Roma and Jose Mourinho are in trouble as it relates to defence. Special One asks for a free agent, but management is not on the same page. But there is still a chance.

according to Corriere della Sera (Across Tuttomercatoweb), director Thiago Pinto is trying to dump Ante Coric and William Bianda into the leagues where the transfer market is still open. If successful, there will be room to add a contract. The Gelorossi Linked to some options.

Before facing Udinese, Roma’s defense showed well, conceding only once in four matches. Two of the competitors’ goals reached critical errors. Chris Smalling carried the back protector, which is risky given his injury history.

Despite Marach Kumbula’s reserve exit, Mourinho is not considering a full-time switch to a four-man streak. He will only continue to use it occasionally. One reason is that he has to take out Gianluca Mancini to pull it off, one of his most trusted players. The trick paid off in the face of Juventus. Forgiveness was condoning this issue during the summer.

“Our defense is more comfortable with our usual system. We will have to work to adapt to the other.”

We saw in the defense of Rome

Special One has a long history with a 4-2-3-1, and he should seriously consider returning to it. Not necessarily because of their problems at the back, which is likely just a passing picture, but because the midfield is starting to show a squawk with Lorenzo Pellegrini. When Nicolò Zaniolo returns, another formation will be more suitable for all attackers.

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