draw between Pau and Saint-Etienne

Pau welcomed Saint-Etienne at the end of the seventh day of the second division. It is a match that should not be lost in the last two rankings before the meeting. The match ended in a draw (2-2). A disappointing result for the two clubs that still don’t get off the ground and are finally dead. In this match, Laurent Batlles players were the first to put themselves in their first chance.

Jean-Philippe Crasseau turns the ball with an inspired heel towards Louis Mouton who can then fling his shot into the illuminator (35). As a result, everything was racing after the break. Etienne Green was sent off for his addiction. Koffi wiped him out (63rd place) while the Saint-Etienne goalkeeper had just come back from the earned suspension against Le Havre… Pau then considered taking down the Forez thanks to Henri Saivet who sent two free kicks to the back From the network (68 and 79). But that was without relying on the greens’ resources. Lenny Pintor was hooked into the opponent’s area by Xavier Laglais Kouassi and did justice to himself by tricking Alexandre Oleiro (85th place).

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