Bianconeri Wake Up Too Late

Juventus left Parc des Princes with some regret on their first season appearance in the Champions League as they lost 1-2 to Paris Saint-Germain and its co-stars on Tuesday.

The Bianconeri He was two goals behind at the end of the first half thanks to two goals from Kylian Mbappe. However, they managed to pull the difference with Weston McKinney and came close to equalizing.

Given the way the first half ended, Massimiliano Allegri could be pleased with his team’s reaction, although the old lady is still far from the best version possible.

Allegri could not count on Angel Di Maria as the former Paris Saint-Germain player suffered an injury last Friday against Fiorentina. Wojciech Szczesny, Paul Pogba and Federico Chiesa were also unavailable – but that’s not recent news.

The Bianconeri The coach lined his side with three defenses for the first time this season with Bremer, Leonardo Bonucci and Danilo playing in defence. Juan Cuadrado and Felipe Costek covered the back wing positions, while Adrien Rabiot, Leandro Paredes (another former PSG player…) and young Fabio Meretti appeared in the center of the park. Up front, Dusan Vlahovic and Arik Milik started out together for the first time.

Christoph Galtier’s answer to this consisted of three names: Neymar, Leo Messi and Kylian Mbappe. Enough said.

Neymar and Mbappe have already collaborated for five minutes to put the French in the driving seat. The Brazilian’s pass for KM was great, and so was the Frenchman’s right foot. Poor Mattia Perin had no answer.

Juventus tried to react but his good intentions ended with Milik’s header who called up Gianluigi Donnarumma to work. Kostik pounced on the rebounding ball, but the result was far from the goal. That was it Bianconeri It can appear until the first half.

Thus, it was like a child’s game for PSG to find its second target. At 22 minutes, Mbappe finished a quick exchange with Achraf Hakimi. A sharp left-footed shot beat Perrin for the second time and steered the match into a clear direction.

Then , Parisians Slower than the tempo of the match and seemed comfortable with just maintaining his double lead. When the referee blew half the time, PSG’s supremacy appeared to be disarmed.

However, the old lady returned to the field with a different mentality and fought more. Allegri’s main move was to replace Meriti with McKinney. The American midfielder gave new hope to Bianconeri With a winning header in 53 minutes, taking advantage of Donnarumma’s early exit.

After only two minutes, the program became Azure The goalkeeper fared much better as he pushed Vlahovic’s header back from close range. Juventus was different now, although PSG continued to be dangerous every time they crossed their midfield.

In the end, Manuel Locatelli replaced Milik and came close to a tie but it also required a superb save from Perin from Neymar’s shot to keep the score at 1-2. In general, there were no doubts about PSG’s victory and supremacy, but Juventus looked more confident in the second part of the match. This is the only good news they will need to resume their European campaign.

Match scorecard

September 6, 2022 – 2022-2023 Champions Group H
Paris Saint-Germain – Juventus 2-1

scorers: 6, Mbappe (P), 23, Mbappe (P), 53, Makeni (J)

Paris Saint-Germain (3-4-1-2): Donnarumma. Sergio Ramos, Marquinhos, Kimpembe; Hakimi (78° Mukele), Vitenha (78° Danilo Pereira), Verratti (86° Renato Sanchez), Nuno Mendes; Messi (84 degree soler); Mbappe, Neymar (Keylor Navas, Eketek, Rico, Bernat, Ruiz, Sarabia) Fitness Trainer: Galter
Juventus (3-5-2): Perrin. Bremer, Bonucci, Danilo; Cuadrado (74° de Chilio), Rabio (87° Caine), Paredes, Meretti (46° McKinney), Costic; Vlahovic, Milik (68° Locatelli) (Pensolio, Rugani, Fagioli, Sulley, Garovani, Gatti, Alex Sandro) Fitness Trainer: Allegri
Rule: Mr. Taylor (England)
Notes: Yellow cards: Sergio Ramos, Verratti (centre), Bremer, Merretti, Danilo (J); Overtime: 1st half 2, 2nd half 3

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