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Like the first half of his career, Kylian Mbappé started off strong on the first evening of the Champions League for this new season. An honest and brilliant duo, thanks to a suspicious transmission from Neymar (the fifth), and a direct cross from Hakimi (22) sent Paris Saint-Germain to a prestigious victory over Juventus in the Parc des Princes (2-1). The individual score but also the collective sounded perfect.

“He was amazingMarquinhos praises after the meeting. He scored two goals and that’s very important for us. It’s important to have chances, especially at the start of a match, to kill them. Unlocks the match, and changes the story of the match. It’s a tough match where we top players want to show our worth. It is no different. He is a hero. It was shown several times, even today.

Marquinhos on Mbappe: “It was awesome”

“It is good to have the kind of play with the strength and quality that he has. As I often say, we must defend ourselves strongly and score as few goals as possible,” the PSG captain continued. “We have a high-quality attack that can score at least one or two goals.” If we can do our work behind and don’t concede, we’ll win because our attack is really strong.”

But the star faded in the second half like the whole team. In purring, the capital club began to operate less efficiently, especially in the middle where the momentum of its Vitina ran out. The defense shuddered a little more, while Donnarumma made a mistake on the outing, re-shooting the old lady (53rd place). But two minutes ago, Mbappe missed the ball 3-0. Worse than missing a position, he forgot Neymar on his left, certainly alone in front of goal.

The Brazilian grumbled about his teammate, very selfish about this. Mbappe cursed, no doubt against himself. This opportunity also allowed the Bianconeri to exist a little longer in this match, especially after McKinney’s gap narrowed. PSG was scared until the end. Blame it on a new lack of realism from the world champion (64, 90). Added to the failures of Messi (67) and Neymar (90), this is a lot and when realism is not always there, the entire PSG trembles.

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