Christophe Galtier’s scathing response to the sand yachting controversy

This is the current debate. Asked about PSG’s moves on Monday during the pre-match conference against Juventus, Christophe Galtier allowed himself a joke that went so poorly, that he was heavily criticized by many politicians. Since yesterday evening, it has become the number one topic of some TV channels.

“I thought we’d ask that question there. This morning, we discussed with the company that organizes our trips, see if we can’t travel in a sandy yacht », and so fired the coach, along with Kylian Mbappe who also took it for his rank since he instantly burst out laughing. After the duel against Juventus, the Parisian tactic logically had to express itself in this controversy.

Galtier regrets that he can no longer joke

“I’m sorry, we can’t do the humor. It was a joke at the wrong time. But believe me I care about the problems of the planet. I heard we were above ground. That’s not the case. My players are very careful about the climate, and the club is very interested in that. At Lille, we went to There by bus. We’re aware of the issues. Of course I’m sorry, but I think it’s hard to be merry in France. Even if my banter wasn’t great and I knew it pretty quickly when I got home”The French coach explained in front of cameras Channel +.

This is a clear. In short, a short half-guilty, which probably won’t quell the enthusiasm of his new critics, but has allowed the former ASSE to offer his version of the facts. In any case, Christoph Galtier can still go to bed with a smile after his team beat the main opponent in Group H of the Champions League.

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