Mourinho Talks European Record, Roma and Conference League

Roma coach Jose Mourinho spoke to the press ahead of his side’s opening match in the Europa League group stage against Bulgarian side Ludogorets. Taking into account GelorossiHis way to the second tier of European football after winning his first record-breaking league title.

Talking to UEFAs site (via red yellow sound), Special One spoke on a slew of topics, including becoming the first coach ever to beat every European competition and the weight of managing Roma.

“How do I feel? I’m the only one who’s made it, no other player or coach has (shown the tattoo with the three UEFA Cups on his right shoulder, Ed). It really makes me laugh, we’re kidding, but if you think about it for a moment, it’s Something to be proud of. However, there is still a long way to go and I will try to achieve more.”

Then he assessed his arrival at Stadio Olimpico.

“Although you always have to study before joining any club, I would say that you will really get to know the players and the team when you start working with them. The main thing was to build a mentality that had not been in Roma for many years. It was done in parallel with a crucial element Another for me: empathy. It goes beyond the group, as it also extends to how the side is perceived by the rest of society. The value of this club is so much more than the value of the team, it has tremendous weight and is under pressure from society and the fans. It has been an important season, not only for the players. , but also for the costume in general, and also for me to be honest.”

Mourinho was also asked to give his thoughts on the conference league.

“In the final, the team should feel as comfortable as possible. I never believed in the surprise factor. For me, this is a Mourinho-style team, where the players feel comfortable, like a raft that ends up getting lost and has to be saved. Football players play the role of artists. They have to make a difference in this game, and I was able to make some difference. The fans arrived in droves, took the city by siege and this helped Roma celebrate winning the title after so many years.”

Roma and Ludogorets face each other for the first time ever on the competitive stage. The Gelorossi She faced Bulgarian opposition on ten occasions, and each of her last eight matches was against CSKA Sofia.

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