A Night to Remember at the Maradona!

If this is a dream, please do not wake them up. Napoli fans must have been asking themselves what alternate reality they were suddenly transported into as they saw it Parthenobi Liverpool crushed 3-0 in the first half in their first match in the Champions League.

The match eventually ended 4-1 on a night of football they won’t soon forget in Naples. Luciano Spalletti’s team was absolutely perfect and found the net with Piotr Zielinski (twice), Frank Zambo Anguisesa and Giovanni Simeone. They also took the luxury of wasting a penalty with Victor Osimhen. Luis Diaz scored the only goal of the match for the stunned Reds.

It was clear from the start that Liverpool were not going to have an easy night at Diego Armando Maradona’s stadium. Just 44 seconds into the match, Giovanni Di Lorenzo picked Osimhen and passed Alisson Becker to see his shot hit the post.

Five minutes into the game, the Parthenobi The registry has already opened. Khivisha Kvaratskhelia beat his mark Trent Alexander-Arnold and sent a fine pass to Pyotr Zelinki, who saw James Milner’s finale skewed with his hand. The referee pointed to the penalty spot and Zelensky maintained his composure to put his team ahead.

One would have expected a reaction from Jurgen Klopp’s squad, but the Reds looked confused and inappropriate. At 15 minutes, Virgil van Dijk had no choice but to push Osimhen into the penalty area in a desperate attempt to stop his advance. It was a penalty again, but this time it was the Nigerian great who stepped up and saw an attempt to convert him by Alisson.

Liverpool gave some signs of life with an Alexander-Arnold free kick but Alex Merritt was alert and avoided the danger on the Parthenobi With fine keeping.

The Reds’ performance at the back was appalling. With 28 minutes on the clock, Joe Gomez’s mistake caused Osimhen’s service to run for Kvaratskhelia. Van Dijk managed to block the Georgian shot on the goal line directly.

It seems that Gomez did not learn his lesson because after a few minutes he caused another quick break for Naples with the support of Kvaratskhelia and it ended with Zielinksi and Anguissa. It was the Cameroonian who wrote his name on the scorecard to make it 2-0 to the hosts.

There was bad news for Spalletti in the 42nd minute as Osimhen sustained an adductor injury and had to leave the field. However, substitute Giovanni Simeone did not feel the Nigerian’s absence as he found the net just three minutes into his entry, and Kvaratskellia sent him superbly.

In the first half, he came in the scorecard 3-0 for Napoli. The entire Liverpool team was absent without the official live broadcast, including their star, Mohamed Salah.

The first-half break made no difference to the visitors – whether in terms of players or mentality – and Napoli took advantage of the situation to score a fourth goal.

Anguisa Simeone chose with a liquidation pass that the defense of Liverpool did not respond to, and the Cameroonian handed the ball to Zielinsky, who rebounded on the rebounding ball from Alisson’s first save to achieve his double and carved his name on the historic night of Naples.

The Parthenobi Then they had a moment of relaxation, and that enabled Luis Diaz to score one goal for Liverpool, making their night less miserable. Diaz’s goal shook the Reds a bit and Klopp’s side enjoyed control for a few minutes, but their fortunes were under the control of Meret and Napoli’s defence.

Liverpool finally ran out of fuel and Napoli switched to cruise control, happy to conclude without any further emotion, a game that will truly become a part of the club’s history. Their return to the Champions League stage after two years could not be sweeter.

Match scorecard

September 7, 2022 – 2022-2023 Champions Group A
Napoli – Liverpool 4-1

scorers: 5, Zielinski (N, Pen), 31, Anguissa (N), Simeone (N), 49, Zielinski (N), 50, Luis Diaz (L)

Naples (4-3-3): Merritt. Di Lorenzo, Rahmani, Kim Min-jae, Oliveira (74 Mario Roy); Anguise, Lobotka, Zelensky (74 degrees of eminence); Politano (56° Lozano), Osimene (40° Simeone), Kvaratskellia (56° Zerbene) Fitness Trainer: Spalletti
Liverpool (4-3-3): Alison. Alexander-Arnold, Gomez (46° Matip), Van Dyck, Robertson; Milner Fabinho (62° Thiago Alcantara) Elliot (76° Arthur); Luis Diaz, Roberto Firmino (61° Nunez), Salah (62° Diogo Jota) (Adrien, Davies, Tsimikas, Nunez, Bagcetic, Phillips) Fitness Trainer: club
Rule: Mr. Del Cerro Grande (Spain)
Notes: Yellow cards: Rahamani (n), Milner (left); Added time: 1st half, 2nd half 4′

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