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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp appears to slam Chelsea owners over Thomas Tuchel sacking

The German doesn’t expect to suffer the same fate as his compatriot (Pictures: Getty / LFC TV)

Jurgen Klopp insists he has no worries about his future at Liverpool after Wednesday night’s grueling defeat by Napoli and appeared to attack the Chelsea hierarchy for sacking Thomas Tuchel so quickly.

Liverpool suffered their heaviest defeat of all time in the Champions League against Napoli, losing 4-1 in Italy after a woeful defensive performance conceded three times in a terrible first half.

Earlier in the day, Klopp’s compatriot and pal Tuchel lost his job at Chelsea after overseeing a stunning start to the season – despite actually taking a point more than Liverpool in the Premier League.

There are some parallels between the two managers and teams in the early stages of the season so far as both sides are performing well below their usual level and losing their first Champions League games away from home.

But Klopp thinks the similarities end there and believes Liverpool’s hierarchy is more measured than Chelsea’s and will continue to support him.

Asked if he feared for his own job after compatriot Tuchel was sacked, Klopp replied: “Not really, but who knows?

“The difference, of course, is that there are different types of owners. Our owners tend to be quiet and expect me to handle the situation and not think that someone else should handle it.

“That’s how they’ve always seen it, the day they change their minds, maybe they’ll tell me.”

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Napoli dominate Liverpool in the Champions League

Liverpool were shambolic at the back against Napoli (Image: Getty)

Following Tuchel’s sacking earlier in the day, Klopp had a very long way to go to become the next Premier League manager to be sacked, but after the heavy loss to Napoli his chances have been reduced from 66/1 to just 12/1.

Commenting on his side’s poor performance in Napoli, Klopp said: “I think the problems we had tonight were obvious. Number one, Napoli played a really good game and we played a really bad game. Why did we play a bad game? We can’t ignore the start and how it happened, how it started with the penalty and then another penalty shortly after.

“It’s not easy in this atmosphere, but our problems were obvious, we just didn’t play well enough. That is, in our particular case, we were never compact. I can’t remember a situation where we were compact. We didn’t have a single counter-pressing situation for 60 minutes in a game where we lost a lot of balls just because we were far away.

“Meaning we had too much possession, we didn’t push forward with the last line, midfield wasn’t connected so that’s the football stuff and it’s obvious. The questions now, because I know the guys want – they want to win football games – and the questions why they don’t, that’s obviously my job to find out.

“It’s not the first time we haven’t played quite well, I know that and there are some reasons we know, but I really think with all the things that have happened we would have a much better one tonight game should have played – and we didn’t.

“Again, it’s my responsibility – the only problem is I’ve been speaking to the media since the end of the game and haven’t had time to think or whatever. I really think it makes sense to think a second longer, look back at the game, try to understand it and then have the right message for the guys because that’s the most important thing.”

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