Milan Untroubled by De Ketelaere Early Inconsistencies

Charles de Kitleri sparkled in his debut with Milan against Bologna, but was not effective in the matches that followed. His performance against Inter and RB Salzburg was lackluster, as he lost in dribbling in two intense and fast-paced matches.

according to Gazzetta dello sportThe Rossoneri They are the least interested in his ups and downs. They would not have cared to put in a better display in the Champions League, a competition in which he has played 16 internationals, than any other player on the roster. But it is not an issue for the management and the technical staff.

De Kitleari had put up impressive numbers at Club Brugge, while at Milan he provided one assist in six matches, three of which from the start, he failed to score. He only fired two shots, neither of them hit the target.

The Rossoneri They call for patience, as they are absolutely confident that their €35 million investment will pay off. Existing props such as Sandro Tonali and Rafael Leao needed a long time before they reached their current status after joining. The 21-year-old had more tactical freedom in his former team, playing as the number two striker than as the number 10. He will have to adapt from that point of view as well.

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An exorbitant price carries great expectations and responsibilities, but he has not been able to land in a more protective environment. Scudetto winners have always worked wonders in terms of player development. He’s already shown glimpses of his talent and the rhythms in Serie A will probably be faster than he’s used to, but he’ll get there soon enough, Rossoneri In a position to wait.

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