Onana Passes Test but Handanovic Will Be Back on Goal

Andre Onana was one of Inter’s few bright spots in the loss to Bayern Munich, but that wasn’t enough to completely replace Samir Handanovic, at least for the time being. The Cameroon goalkeeper answered the bell several times and couldn’t do more on both goals.

The post helped him with his only mistake, failing to clear a pass from Alessandro Bastoni, but rebound luck went his way. He finished the night with ten saves, with no less than five or six very difficult ones, Gazzetta dello sport reports. It was the highest amount in the Champions League for Inter since 2004.

However, Simone Inzaghi was quick to announce the captain’s return in his post-match comments (via Goal).

“The option to go with Onana is not final, and Handanovic will start against Torino.”

CEO Giuseppe Marotta commented on dazn before the match.

“Courage is an important trait in sports. We have many games in a row and it is necessary to rotate players. A coach has to give what he thinks is the best XI even though some choices may seem illogical. Boldness is the prerogative of great managers, and we have a strong and competitive squad. We trust his decisions.”

We saw in Unana and Handanovic

It must have been an astonishing change of pace for Inter fans to see a goalkeeper fly by rather than the revolving door that he often relied on his positioning. The veteran got off to a slow start last season as well, so not everything was really said and done. But if he does not prepare in a hurry, then the decision will soon become clear and inevitable.

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