Five Things We Learned from European Competitions this Week

After the exciting start of the Italian League, seven Italian clubs began their European adventures in three different competitions. The first round of the season produced a variety of results, ranging from pain to agony. So, here are five things we learned this week football Representatives in European competitions.

Milan Complex Group

Group E in the Champions League was supposed to be a straightforward task. Perennial rivals Chelsea were the favorites, while Milan needed to banish Rep Bull Salzburg from second place.

However, Dinamo Zagreb refused to play the flogging boy. Instead, they stunned West London with a 1-0 win that turned Swansong on Thomas Tuchel, causing a massive stampede in the process.

For their part, the Rossoneri Well in avoiding defeat in Austria in front of their hosts, but it seems that their task is more complicated at the moment due to the shocking result in the other match of the group.

Far from the elite

In Italy, Inter and Juventus are considered by many to be the two strongest teams in Serie A on paper. So watching them get defeated so hard by other European giants is a horrific sight for us football fanatics.

While the end results were not the most severe, the gap in quality between Bianconeri and the Nerazzurri On the one hand, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich on the other hand did not go unnoticed.

In fairness, we are talking about two superpowers. But although there is nothing wrong with such defeats, it is frustrating to see the best Italian products in an overall lag behind the others.

Magical Partenopei

Fortunately for all of us, one Serie A team managed to raise the bar in Serie A with an impressive performance on Wednesday.

On English shores, they noticed how this was Liverpool’s worst showing in the Champions League under Jürgen Klopp’s direction. But on the contrary, it was the best European watch for Naples of modern times.

The Parthenobi He put in a magical performance, and could have added more goals, but eventually decided to take his foot off the pedal at 4-1, perhaps as a sign of respect for their fallen opponents.

Gypsies will be Gypsies

On Thursday, Roma were supposed to start their Europa League campaign with a comfortable victory in Bulgaria. Jose Mourinho even unleashed the powerful first eleven to avoid an unpleasant surprise.

But in a typical Roman way, the Gelorossi They made life difficult for themselves by losing the opening match against Ludogorets. Now it certainly wasn’t as humiliating as directing last season by Bodo/Glimt, but one can see a similar pattern.

At the end of the day, we still expect the Italian capital’s side to somehow make it through the knockout stages, but not before the sentiments of their loyal fan base have been exhausted.

dry viola

Also on Thursday but in a different competition, Fiorentina made their long-awaited return to Europe when they hosted a largely unknown Latvian club called RFS.

Despite their 32 attempts on goal and 76% ball possession, viola You can only register once (via Antonin Barak). Ultimately, the Italian junior players paid the price for the sad ending by snatching a tie.

As some of you may remember, Tuscany had the same problem last weekend against Juventus, when they failed to finish the job against their uninspired arch rival.

With all due respect to Luka Jovic and Arthur Cabral, Fiorentina still desperately need a ruthless killer who can fill Dusan Vlahovic’s boots.

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