total war between Barça and Atlético for Griezmann, justice seized?

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If Antoine Griezmann put in a good performance when he wore the Atletico Madrid shirt, with a decisive new entry in the Champions League against Porto to give victory to his people (2-1), the France striker finds herself at the center of a struggle he cannot control. The conflict that looks like it will turn into an open war.

Since the start of the season, Griezmann’s case has already been controversial, he only plays a maximum of 30 minutes in each match so as not to exceed the quota of 50% of the matches played which will force Atletico to pay 40 million options. Loan matching purchase from Grizi…but now the case is getting worse. Many Spanish media, such as COPE, SER or Relevo, reveal behind the scenes a file that has become tense.

Barcelona already wants 40 million euros!

Barcelona considers that Griezmann’s loan to Atletico was not for two years but for a year plus another as an option, and that the automatic lifting of the 40m buyout option was valid if Griezmann played 50% of games in the first year, which is pretty much it. Atletico, of course, does not agree at all, and maintains that the contract provides for the payment of the purchase option if Griezmann plays 50% of the matches over two years. Brutal opposition better explains the strange situation of the player since the beginning of the season. And the case should not stop there, because Barcelona had clearly threatened to take the case to court if Atletico did not nominate to pay this purchase option …

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