the winter 24hfootnews already turned upside down by Benzema’s injury?

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Real Madrid, this summer, took a big risk in managing their summer news over the course of 24 hours. Due to the lack of Kylian Mbappe, and after quickly recruiting Chuamini and Rudiger, the Real Madrid club chose not to continue his recruitment, with the exception of young striker Iker Bravo.

A bold choice in that the Merengue club is very well equipped in defense and in the middle, including with the departure of Casemiro, the attack and especially the center of the striker lacks intensity. Behind Karim Benzema, there is no No 9 professional after thinking especially of Gabriel Jesus, who finally left for Arsenal due to his status as a player outside of society.

Number 9 Finally Recruited This Winter?

But the injury to Karim Benzema, who must return to the field after the international break, put Merengo at risk of this recruitment. If KB9 is absent for too long, Carlo Ancelotti will have to mess around. And therefore, daily sports He confirms that Real Madrid will already be ready to change their plans and recruit a top scorer within 24 hours next winter. Unless Rodrygo is brought back in the middle or youngster Latata or Iker Bravo switches, Real could bring in a striker capable of making up for the French striker’s absence. It remains to find an interesting profile that is available in high season …

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Karim Benzema’s injury seems to have shaken Real Madrid on the issue of the center of the attack … to the point that a boost will already be considered within 24 hours next winter, if internal solutions are not enough.

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