Napoli Star Thigh Injury More Serious than Anticipated

It was Victor Osimhen diagnosed With a second-degree biceps strain in his right thigh after his early exit from the Liverpool match. He will miss the next three matches before the international break. But his absence may extend beyond that. Napoli will face Spezia, Ranger Glasgow and Milan next.

Doctor Marcelo Manzolli has been questioned about the injury Tuttomercatoweb.

“It’s an important muscle lesion. In this case, the recovery time depends on the severity. There are 10/15 days between each grade, which is important. On average, a second tier requires more than a month to resume training with the team, not necessarily playing in matches”.

Napoli hope Osimhen will only miss the next three matches, but the schedule will be more precise as rehabilitation progresses. In the meantime, they will count on Giovanni Simeone and Giacomo Raspadori to make up for the loss of their top scorer. Another grueling stretch will begin next month. The Azure He will face Torino, Ajax twice, Cremonese, Bologna and Rome before the end of October.

We saw in Osimhen’s injury

You can’t beat players for their generosity, but in this case, he and the medical staff took a huge risk by playing the Liverpool game. A few days of rest could have resolved the previous minor injury and avoided the consequences of this magnitude.

The schedule breaks positively if he can recover during the hiatus. Otherwise, it will be a huge problem, considering that it will take a while to be in good shape after that. On the other hand, Simeone seemed like an overkill at first, but now it became indispensable. But they will lack the physical strength of a Nigerian ace.

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