Tottenham Exec Talks Juventus Deals and His Former Team

Former Juventus manager and now Tottenham CEO Fabio Barracci has commented on the success of Rodrigo Bentancur and Dejan Kulusevski in London after their transfers from Bianconeri. The official shared his thoughts with Sky Sports (Across Toto Sport).

“Sometimes the players in Milan do better than they did in Turin. The mental element often makes them realize that it is time for a change. They are top-notch contributors. The Uruguayan midfielder has starred in two World Cups and 200 matches with the old lady. When you’re at the same club for a while, the motivation drops and other factors can also play a role. This duo, and Christian Romero as well, have settled very well with us, probably because of our kind of football.”

Despite his somewhat turbulent departure, Paracci showed his appreciation for Juventus.

“It gives us great pleasure to see those who have worked with me and helped me so much to advance in their careers and move to other countries in meaningful roles. The Bianconeri has always been a great school.”

Barracci quickly found a home in Tottenham after being ousted by Juventus and quickly brought a familiar face off the bench at White Hart Lane. Tottenham got off to a good start after a crowded transfer window. Unbeaten in the Premier League, they sit at 2second abbreviation Center, one point behind Arsenal and on par with Manchester City.

“The club and Antonio Conte have allowed me to carry on with our plans and like us. The coach has given the team a clear identity. This is a great team. It’s so huge that it’s hard to understand from the outside. Having a project, staying on the course and building a winning mentality are always hard things to achieve.”

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