It’s getting closer for the extension of Gavi!


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For several weeks, Jaffe’s extension at FC Barcelona was announced. However, the Catalan team has not yet officially communicated with the expiration of his contract next year, and the player is attracting the interest of Liverpool and Bayern Munich.

A ‘matter of time’ for the Gavi extension!

However, Barcelona fans can rest assured that the Spain international shouldn’t be looking anywhere else anytime soon. As Fabrizio Romano points out, the 18-year-old midfielder should sign his new lease agreement very soon.

After lengthy negotiations, the talks were said to have reached a final stage. The Spanish vice-champion is said to be completely unconcerned with rumors of interest from other clubs, believing that an extension of Los Palacios y Villafranca would be a matter of short time. case to follow.

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The Gavi extension has been announced as having been in place for several weeks, and will be in its final phase. In fact, extending the term of the 18-year-old midfielder would only be a ‘matter of short time’.

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