Manchester City: what could get stuck for Barça with Bernardo Silva


Barcelona would not have given up on the idea of ​​signing Bernardo Silva. The Catalan club will make the Portuguese a top priority for 2023. However, the Blaugrana leaders will have to find new solutions to finance his arrival: given the level of the wage bill, it has not been won.

Bernardo Silva, Manchester City

According to the information you provided sports, Barcelona intends to return to the charge of securing the services of Bernardo Silva. Blaugrana leaders could try their luck again this winter, or even next summer if they fail to raise the funds for the operation.

This summer, FC Barcelona failed to secure the inclusion of the midfielder from Manchester City, although Xavi made it his priority. The Catalan club in particular had to bring in teams to rebalance its workforce. He could not rely on the desired recipes to launch his attack on the Portuguese. Will he be able to, next transfer windows?

Revealing a very high salary of 200 million euros?

Barcelona spent €153m this summer to sign players like Ravenha (formerly Leeds United, €58m), Jules Conde (formerly Sevilla, €50m) or Robert Lewandowski (formerly Bayern Munich, €45m). The Catalan club also recruited many players for free, and gave them great salaries. By accepting Javier Tebas, president of La Liga, the Catalans are allowing themselves a very high-end lifestyle.

The Spanish club is in a very critical financial situation since the departure of Josep Bartomeu. Joan Laporta and his team, who succeeded him, continued to incur huge expenses, which worried the Spanish authorities. Javier Tebas has confirmed that the cranes used this summer will have no effect next season. Excluding leverage, the payroll will exceed the €200m ceiling. So it has to be reduced drastically to get to the nails, especially since Antoine Griezmann can come back with XXL pay. Before considering the arrival of Bernardo Silva, Barcelona will have to ensure that they are able to maintain their current workforce.

Waiting for these issues to be answered, Team Xavi ranks 2e Position in the La Liga standings, after 4 rounds. Its next match is scheduled for 6:30 pm against Cadiz.

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