Alexis Sanchez, quick adaptation and unanimity in the locker room!


Alexis Sanchez, who scored again on Saturday evening, when he greeted LOSC as part of the seventh day of Ligue 1 (2-1), had already teamed up on the side of Olympique de Marseille.

Alexis Sanchez, OM

Already the author of four achievements in just six matches this season, the Chilean striker has successfully integrated into the First Division and inside the dressing room in Marseille. Decisive in front of the attack despite some isolation in some matches, Sanchez quickly silenced critics and those who had already imagined him in pre-retirement in Marseille. The former Inter Milan striker is now considered Igor Tudor’s best attacking weapon and his absence was felt on Wednesday night on the Tottenham grass in the Champions League (suspended). With the Chilean on the grass, the scenario for the meeting might have been different.

Guendouzi Really a fan of Sanchez’s style

When asked about this quick adaptation, Matteo Guendouzi said all the good things he thinks of his teammate over a microphone channel +. “As I said before, he is a player who will bring us a lot, he is a player with a lot of experience and he has won many titles. He’s very impressive in front of goal as we saw tonight (Saturday), he needs very few chances to put him in the background.. But we also had other players who made the difference offensively, like Under or Harriet. There is a very good relationship with everyone, and that really bodes well for the future.”Drop the Marseille midfielder.

C1 on the horizon!

After being suspended against Tottenham for OM’s entry into the Champions League group stage, Sanchez will be waiting impatiently on Tuesday night against Frankfurt. The Olympic Club is already bound to win to preserve its chances of qualifying and will rely more than ever on its top scorer.

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