Real Madrid: Mbappé-Neymar, Pérez is jubilant!


While some tensions have emerged in the Paris dressing room since the start of the season, Real Madrid have been watching the situation with some relief.

Kylian Mbappe, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Torino

The media defense center Takes an in-depth look at the relationship between Kylian Mbappe and Neymar. On the pitch, the two men have been typical since the start of the season (15 goals between them in the league, 2 for the French in the Champions League) but some events such as the “penalty gate” have come to remind us how ambiguous their relationship can sometimes be. Behind the scenes, Florentino Perez was amused by this situation. After failing to enlist this summer’s world champion, the Real Madrid president now believes that extending Mbappe to PSG wouldn’t be such bad news. The behavior was judged from Madrid as “Individually” From the latter casts doubt on a possible future attack for the merengue club in the coming years.

When he was asked a few days ago about his relationship with Neymar, the French striker played the franchise card. “We have always had a relationship based on respect. There were colder moments, and warmer ones. We can be best friends in the world and sometimes we talk less. This is the nature of our relationship. I have a lot of respect for the player, and the importance he has in our team. When you have two players with strong personality, life is not linear. Things happen, but always with respect and in the interest of PSG.” Explanation to the media.

Good news for Ancelotti?

Just over a year after returning to the Real Madrid bench, Carlo Ancelotti could soon be rewarded by his management thanks to a fantastic 2021-22 workout. Winner of the Champions League, La Liga, Spanish Super Cup and European Super Cup with Merengue, the Italian coach may soon receive an extension offer, according to Brand. Ancelotti’s current contract runs until 2024.

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