Stade Rennais corrects Auxerre and continues its recovery

Stade Rennais continues his recovery. Despite a slow start to the season, Geneseo’s men took on their toughest turn against AJ Auxerre on Sunday. After his victory in Larnaca in C3, the Bretons consisted of attacking Guerry Terrier as well as Beregud and Süleymana on the flanks. For AJA, Niang celebrated his first tenure with the promotion. But the match soon turned in Rennes’ favour, with a good recovery from Solmana, who could finish strong at the first chance of the match (1-0, 3).

But after the commotion began and Santamaria (11th) was injured, the British waddled and rubbed themselves several times in front of Costel, like Terrier (25), giving AJA the chance to regain hope. Half a ball from Niang on the verge of hitting the target (37′), Toure narrowly missed surprising Mandanda from distance, and was always vigilant (48′). But despite such a low time, Auxerrois showed too much weakness in front of goal to worry the locals.

Amin Jouiri released

Finally, after a mistake in recovering from Coeff, Al-Quwairi managed to recover from the right flank, before landing in the area and scoring from the right, in the net of the opposite side (2-0, 60th place). He sighed of relief for the crowd at Roazone Park, who had been waiting for the goal of the break for long minutes. After a few moments, Al-Quwairi was still able to accelerate on the right wing and send a cross to the far post, around which Terrier (3-0, 68th position).

At the end of the match, Rennes added a fourth goal at the end of the match after an error in setting the level from the rookie. In a long raise from Mandanda, he could wipe out Tate Costel and take the final win (4-0, 80). Before the young Renes Ablin was added to the scorers list (5-0, 84th place). While waiting to receive Fenerbahçe in the Europa League, Real Madrid are guaranteed and two points back from OL, who travel to Monaco this evening (8:45 pm). Before Lorient, Auxerre sank and inflicted a third defeat in a row.

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